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Petite Ai Uriel Basic

Nov 17, 2004

    1. I don't think this has been posted yet - Custom House is releasing Petite Ai Uriel as a basic line doll starting November 20th. More details on this popup:

    2. wow! woooowww exciting! i love the petit ais.. mmmm i might have to .. ask for it for xmas! ^_^
    3. ah, so cute~
    4. :D Finally a new Petite basic I can have for a little child or baby for Terry and Sable....well maybe for me instead!
    5. why am i seriously considering a petit ai ? XD So cute! I probably wont be one of the first 30 customers.. but maybe if i ask my folks nice enough (and my sister) they'll all pitch together and get it for me - or pay the large bulk.

      I've always liked petit ai's and wanted them, but the ones i liked were limited.. but now- one i like isn't ^_^
    6. I looove Petite Ais. They are ADORABLE. I want one.. hehe