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Petite Poupee Says New Narin Dolls Coming End of June!!

Jun 18, 2005

    1. Found this on their website:

      We are very pleased to let you informed that we are now preparing our new series of Narin.

      They will be born at the end of June, 2005. We are hoping to reflect your opinions for new styles of Narin if they are available.

      What kind of style are you expecting? What kinds of clothes can be attractive to your Narin?

      It would be great if you let us have your free opinion by e-mail or Q&A section on our website.

      Thank you.



    2. Oh my this is something to be VERY excited about! Cannot wait to see!
    3. *squee* I really love Narindolls, so I'm super excited!
    4. Oh no! Will the old styles be discontinued? I wanted a Narae and a Narin sooo bad! I just hope the new ones are as mature and asian looking. As long as they still have the mature body and pretty, mature asian faces i think i'll be okay.

    5. Um... I'm pretty sure they mean they'll be doing new special editions of the existing dolls like the ones they have done in the past, hence why they are asking about clothes and such. Narin and Narae are limited to 1,000 each but last I know of they were no where near producing that many yet :oops:
    6. I ordered a Narae in April and Bimong contacted me last month to tell me that it would take an additional month because he is "upgrading" the dolls and was doing some special dolls for some show. I asked if he was just busy and needed more time or if I'd be getting the newer version and he replied saying they're shipping on June 15th and that iI would be getting a "new doll"...

      So, I'm excited and curious and I'll let everyone know what I get as soon as she arrives!
    7. have just seen the PAYPAL sign !!!!! happy joy !