Pets and BJDs - Positive and Negative Encounters

Dec 18, 2012

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    1. So far my pets seem to be pretty indifferent to my doll. Provided, the only ones who have met him so far are my ferrets, I don't know how the cats and dogs will like him yet. But my ferrets just kind of give him a wiff and then move on. Which makes me happy because I don't have to worry about them dragging him away. :lol:
    2. My dogs normally just sniff them. One of my dogs will lick nheir faces like she would with a human. The cats aren't effected lol

      I was there. This was quite the amusing moment.
    3. This thread is hilarious! My cat used to be terrified of a ball with supermario glaring out from it, but she didn't mind the smaller dolls. Now I have a dog, and if I'm holding a doll he goes bonkers.
    4. My Ragdoll cat LOVES my dolls! When ever I get a new doll,she must smell them all over to give her approval lol.
      Any time I am doing a dolly shoot...she has to be in amongst things,smelling hair and sometimes she tries to clean the wigs o.O Nooooo I tell her lol she is so funny with my dolls :)
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    5. One of my cats, Mikey, is kind of skittish around my doll, but that's probably because I tried to pose her with him for a picture :P
    6. Sorry if this has been a topic before, but I am curious. What do your pets think about your dolls? My dog (a chihuahua mix named Dobby) is terrified of my doll. If the doll is on the couch he won't sit on the couch, same with the bed. Not sure why. Maybe because it is bigger than he is? Lol

      How do your pets react?

      My dog doesn't like my doll. I was worried if he would see the wig as one of his furry toys, but my dog won't go near my doll. If the doll is on the couch my dog dobby will stay on the floor away from my doll. Same if I have him placed on my bed. Dobby is a lap dog, so it's kinda funny he wants nothing to do with my doll. He doesn't bark or growl at the doll, just won't go near him and avoids him like the plague haha.
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    7. my cats afraid? I wish -_- Thanks to them I have to box or closed cupboard ANY doll related item.... They like to "groom" the wigs... the snitch them at night or if I'm not looking to do so.... Only their grooming skills suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! My poor *expensive* wigs :...(
    8. My Chihuahua is terrified of dolls too! Which is funny, because it's really uncharacteristic of her. She's usually very brave, and loves to do things that nobody would expect a 3.5 lb dog to do, like going hiking with me in the mountains (on her own legs, not in a bag! She HATES being carried ANYWHERE). I've tried to take pictures of her with a doll, and as soon as I put a doll next to her she does this skittish little sideways hop away from it and then just stands off to the side looking at it with a sort of creeped-out expression. She won't come near them or investigate them of her own volition, either. I've given up on the idea of ever getting a photo of the miniature dog with the miniature people.... my puppygirl is not having it.
    9. My dog could care less about the dolls. But the cats...:sigh Some days I go to work paranoid that I didn't shut my bedroom door. My own cat knows better by now and leaves them alone but we also foster shelter cats and they don't know better. The sound of a doll crashing to the floor from a high shelf is an awful thing. x.x I was amazed there was no damage. On the whole, I prefer Toby's indifference!

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    10. My cat ignores my dolls. They don't move and they're not food,so they're irrelevant to her interests.:sweat
    11. When my then-roommate got her first doll (a week or two before mine arrived) my cat was absolutely terrified of it! She teased him with her doll, actually, because his skittish reactions were so funny. By the time mine arrived, though, I guess he'd gotten used to the idea, because he didn't have any problem with it at all, and he generally doesn't bother them at all.
    12. I have an incoming doll and while my puppy hasn't met her yet I know exactly how he'd feel about it.

      Needless to say, I will not be leaving my doll with my puppy.:|
    13. I can't let my BJD anywhere near my pets. My cat tries to eat her feet, hands, and hair. One of my dogs doesn't car while the other one wants to lick her. I have to keep my doll in the box and when she is out, never take my eyes off of her.
    14. Two of my cats are pretty indifferent except for the occasional interest in a wig. I have to watch one of them to make sure he doesn't carry wigs off- because he thinks he's a dog, and likes to steal socks and all sorts of things he can fit in his mouth and carry them throughout the house.

      My third cat, Shard, seems to believe that my Doll Leaves Sisley is truly a creature he has to keep his eye on. He startles when he comes across her unexpectedly, and always has to give her a cautious sniff, though last night he actually rubbed up against her and laid down at her feet. It was super cute, until he started trying to use her hand to scratch his face, which worried me :p

      I don't know what I will do when I have expensive bjd's in the house - not that 100 plus dollars is cheap, but, I have a Loongsoul doll on layaway that's probably going to go some places seriously out of the way of cats. Like possibly a whole little scene set up inside of an unused, woodland forest decorated aquarium. I can't think of any other way to keep him in sight, and safe from possible unintended destruction.
    15. I would have said I never had any of my pets, cats or dogs, pay one bit of attention to my dolls but we got a new puppy last summer. I had a great faceup artist do a fullset on my Dollstown doll. I waited months for the doll to arrive and for the doll to be completed. She was absolutely TDF. Then a month or so later I got her out to change her shoes/clothing. Well, her faceup was scuffed up on one side. My only explanation would be the puppy found her and licked her. She had seen her once but I was with the doll and kept her off of it. This time I think my DH probably just opened the door to the bedroom where most of my dolls are displayed and it would have only taken a second for her to do this as this doll was in a display chair right by the door. I will never know for sure how this happened but this is my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL

      I really wasn't aware she would ever do this type of thing as I guess I was used to my pets always leaving my dolls alone. I did have a cat chew up a pair or dolls shoes, and a puppy eat up a little basket that came with a doll years ago but this was a first with the BJDs. First puppy in 11 years and I guess I learned a valuable lesson. Thankfully the artist kindly fixed her faceup for me. Now my doll in inside a closet and DH has not let the puppy near them again.
    16. Im curious since im miles away from my bjd, and ive collected some adorable lil snails on my little outdoor journey hahaha:lol::lol: i mean maybe id let my lil guy next to their bowl but i dont know how safe it is for him to have snails(slimeee) all over him, and i dont know if they will survive a plane ride with all that cabin pressure +being in water bottle in a bag all wrapped up, ahh~ i dunno but maybe one day when i wont be that lazy ill make a buncha snail props for my lil bb back home.
    17. I like snails, they are so cute! ^^
      I have a green cheek conure (little green parrot about the size of a cockatiel), and no he is not allowed near my dolls lol! Even though his beak is small it can do a lot of damage and this guy loves chewing on stuff and preening hair-like objects lol.^^ He is not associated with my dolls either, so anytime one gets near him he gets angry and territorial. He is so funny and cute though lol.
    18. ;w; i thought i was weird for being fascinated by them your bird sounds so cutee like a jealous lil waifu, id get them to be friends tho
    19. I had snails recently but sadly my last little guy passed away in May. :( wonderful little creatures! I wouldn't let them crawl on the doll, since the slime may damage the doll, but also the sealant or resin might make the snails sick.

      I have a Rat Terrier as well, and she is allowed around the dolls. She's very gentle and has never caused any damage to them. She has tried to cuddle and even covered Justin with a blanket like she was tucking him in! I don't leave them around her when I'm gone but there is often one on the couch or in the room with her when I am around.