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Pets for your BJDs / finding or making one

Jan 16, 2005

    1. I just bought the cutest pet for Amara on ebay.
    2. What size would a super dollfie pet be? Are they a certain scale? You know, like one inch to the foot (dollhouse scale)? I would like to get the girls a kitten, but I am not sure how big it should be.
    3. I've been looking for a dog or cat that compliment the size and proportion of my SD13, but haven't seen anything good(nice quality, not too stuff animal like...). Where did you find yours?

    4. when i was in NH at my dads house, he had this little "fur real" Pug puppy, that was thr perfect size for my DELF. my father thought the combo was so cute, he would keep the little pug puppy on ash's lap :) I think it stayed there almost the whole time we were in NH heheh. I need to find one of his own, but I know the puppy made a perfect pug for Ash'rahm an El.
      may check toys r us?
    5. My kids' pet is a little Sandicast Pug puppy.

      It's very small, but perf scale...I think it's been years since I took a photo of him with the dolls though, poor Finlay.

      Sandicast have great detail but they are ceramic, so no posing. Just so cute though.
    6. American Girl & My Twinn both offer cute pets. (Sorta 'spensive, but cute.)
    7. I have a coocnut the dog from AG, which will be a good size for SD13 sized dolls, ad for MSd, I have a petunia the dog form Molly Moon^^;; thats more MSD sized..
    8. I have some cats that are my pets - Cheri gave them to me, so they are Phoebe and Delilah (a.k.a. Tubbysnuggles or FancyPants) (just like the real things at home!) here they are... they have tons of stuffed animals, but these are their pets. And I also have a GREAT dog, need to get pix of him... these are made with real fur with sort of bothers me but I've read more than once that they are only made with fur that is used for food first.
    9. Pixie and Arien now both have pets, the ones that have the rabbit fur all over them. If you don't mind the real animal fur, and the fact that they have no moveability... they're the perfect size and realistic look!


    10. OMG I love that picture of Pixie by the window. It is so real. But well I love Pixie anyway... :oops: she is SOOOO CUTE.
    11. Kalvin plays with his new pets: Hobbes the tiger (LOL), Chip the puppy, and Pretzel the cat. :D


      All are World of Miniature Bears animals--I got them on ebay from romanaminiatures (they have different "given" names)[/img]
    12. they are lovely
      World of Miniature have a huge range and arnt too expensive

      I like littlest Petshop too :D
    13. My wife's dolls (MSDs) have pet dogs. I've no idea where they are from but they disturb me- she has these fairly realistic, jointed dolls but they have these hydrocephalic petrified pets (they're just cartoonish plastic figures). Surely other people have pets for their dolls- where do you get them, or do you make them?

      Does anyone else relate to finding non-bjd pets for a bjd disturbing or am I just weird? er, weirder ;)

      I was thinking of trying to make a BJD-dog or cat or maybe a rabbit; I went through the artists forum here for tips/ideas. I saw two threads, one on a 4-legged creature and another on a centaur. Does anyone know of others? I didn't care for how the sculpty looked, and was thinking of wood instead- but couldn't find threads on that. Did I miss them? I was also wondering if there was a way to make it fuzzy/furry, otherwise it's going to end up being one of those hairless breeds in my mind.
    14. if you want it to be furry, you could sew a stuffed animal.

      i made a sculpture of my dog for a 1/12 scale dollhouse out of super sculptey then painted it, but my dog is sharpei so he has a smooth short coat.

      you could make them a snake. then you won have to deal with fur.
    15. You can make stuffed animals jointed by sewing a little button inside each limb portion and then sewing the buttons together. Sort of like a teddy bear with jointed arms and legs, just more joints. Some of the people I know locally have little stuffed animals that are furry and nearly perfect miniature animals--just not jointed.

      There are artist fabric dolls created this way that are very well jointed, much like a BJD. Before I got into BJD's I was thinking of making fabric dolls like that. Never got around to it once I found BJDs...

      As for pets for BJDs, well, no, I don't find it creepy, personally. My dolls are such people in and of themselves that it would be perfectly natural in my mind. It would just depend on the doll what the pet would be.
    16. I thought of sewing, but I wanted it to be jointed like the dolls were, to "match" and so it could pose. I also thought of making a jointed one and sewing a skin of sorts for it, in place of clothing, but I'm not sure if it would turn out looking very good (plus it seemed complicated and someone might have a better idea!).

      A snake! I love it! 8) ... not sure if her dolls would though.
    17. Oh, Sorry! I didn't mean that it was creepy that they had pets, I meant that it was creepy to me that the pets couldn't pose the way the dolls could.
    18. going with the same thoughts in this thread there are a ton of small stuffed animals that are prefect size.

      Also I know what you mean about these stiff unmoving animals , its not realistic and doesnt go to much with these dolls that are very realistic looking so I know what you meant...
    19. Oh-kay--that makes a bit more sense. I'd love truly posable pets but it's a challenge to match BJD's that way.

    20. First I'd have to say there's nothing wrong with hairless...happen to have a hairless cat myself, but surely I digress. For Lenore (my doll who loves pets), I actually commissioned someone to make special pets for her. She has a kitty and a bat. Of course I also found pets for her in odd places. She adopted Zero (he was her first) and then I got her muff muff...don't ask me what muff muff is....just know that it's got two heads.

      I think it really depends on how you feel when you see the doll holding the pet. does it look natural or better yet, does the doll look happy about it.

      Christal...I say go with your gut...and don't worry about fur.