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PF and LaTi Yellow - Same size shoes?

Dec 16, 2006

    1. Do they wear the same size in shoes?

      And also what other brands beside riley has shoes that fit LaTi?
    2. Blythe shoes should fit LaTi, you can get them from various places online. I have 25mm's from Juju's on mine at the moment.

      Personally, I think slightly smaller shoes fit PF's better (I think they're 23 or 24mm shoes, Audrey's and BJDollrama carry them), but I don't usually use socks with mine.
    3. its funny you should mention that
      I have just put my black Lati shoes on my PF ...they are a little large , but I always wear socks or tights ,on my dolls so they look Ok

      Im the opposite to Clochette , I like my shoes a little larger ,
      I dont like to tug on the feet to pull them off
      (I also think it give the doll a more realistic look)

      Lati shoes can go on a PF , but not the other way around

      I have some Coco shoes , which are I found when searching for Blythe
      they look great for my Lati , they are HUGE
      but they look fantastic
      I kinda like that look ...its quite popular with the Blythe collectors
      so I tried it on my tinys ...and I like
      and there are some fantastic Blythe and Momoko shoes ;)
    4. I like the bigger shoes too. Usually sneakers though :)
    5. I haven't found any sneakers for my PF, they are all too large. My Lati yellow wears Riley's shoes - a perfect fit.

    6. PF sneakers... there are some plastic, other are big, the smallest I've found are bjdollarama's ones.
      But they aren't perfect... I prefer the shoes to be right size too. But they're very hard to find :|
    7. Yes, I know what you mean. So hard to find.