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Dec 25, 2004


      I just ordered my mini may!!!
    2. OMG

      *obsessivly refreshes page*
    3. :D
      I don't plan on getting one, so I'll just sit here and be happy for you.
    4. They're still out of stock... :crushed
    5. Yes tomorrow or late tonight they should be back. I'm hoping for late tonight since I'm going to be flying all day tomorrow :cry:
    6. Late tonight, hmmm? I can do late tonight.... *crosses fingers* Now I just have to finally decide... Chou or May, Chou or May... May, I think... teeth! But Chou is smiling... aaaaarrrrrghhhh!!!

      And I wonder if they will restock Emile. I have a friend who want Emile...
    7. I'm getting mini may. I love her teeth x_x
    8. They are up! Go to BF now to order!
    9. *hyperventilates*


      OMG, I just did it!!!!!


    10. I wake up at 6:45 AM, after dreaming about bluefairyus stucked with maaaany connections. I've also dreamed that they were selling PF in a shop here in Italy.
      But now I've really ordered my Yoko and my Minimai. And it's not a dream :daisy
      Come baby come here to me :D
    11. :D me too i have just ordered a mimi may i can not wait untill she is here. am so happy :daisy
    12. Im so happy for you all ! I have Yoko and she is stunning !
      Peter is sold out again :(
      too late ...mind you I have just bought another Elf doll so cant !
    13. Why are they gooooooooooooooooooooooone!???
    14. I was planning to get a tinny fairy Nicky, not a pocket fairy....and maybe pf are now in stock, but tf aren't! :cry: :cry:

      You know if it tooks to long to bf to reestock?? :(
    15. Seem that PF are now out of stock. /sigh

      Well, that sucks. I hope they restock soon. :crushed
    16. I've had the same problem... May or Emilie and then they put Sarang on there. I've decided to get a Sarang because she has Emilie's smile and May's teeth. :grin:

      Won't be able to until maybe February... have to save up. *_*
      Loki's Mom
    17. Was anyone able to order a boy? I found the update pretty early, and I ordered two girls. I wanted Choco, but neither he nor Peter were ever available that I saw...

      Perhaps they still need to re-stock the boy body?

      Still, I'm very happy to be getting the girls, finally, after nearly 6 months wishing for them! Yay!