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Phantom Doll Leviathan?

Mar 18, 2008

    1. How do you order him?

      I absolutly LOVE PhantomDolls Leviathan,but have no clue how to order him,or where to find him,other than on the Gigglegeek database.

    2. I believe that he was a limited edition of 10, long sold out.

      The only way to get him would be on the secondary market, but I've never seen one up for sale in the English-speaking doll world.


      -- A :/
    3. I wish I could have one to. Back when I was a BJD newb (yes me! :lol:) i thoought I could get one. :...( But alas, it's impossible.
    4. if anyone has a photo please post it i have never heard of them before.
    5. Wow! I always wanted to see his body! The pic wouldn't load on GiggleGeek!
    6. Wow. With those fangs, Leviathan looks like a vampire cat. I see he has human-looking hands and feet; I would have liked them to be more paw-like. He is nice looking, but he doesn't inspire doll-lust in me.

      Now, a cat head on a 1/3 size female body would appeal to me. Sort of a big Catsy. That, I could get behind. I could make things for her that I just can't do well for Catsy, such as elaborate Egyptian costume elements. I just can't crystal-pleat for Catsy...
    7. I know1 Let's start a petition to have him rereleased! I'd sign!
    8. Peridot, I, um, kind of thought the same thing . . . so I wound up making one :kitty2

      Here's the Mau database.

      Unfortunately, they're only available on the secondary market these days (they were a limited edition of 30), but they do pop up in the MP every once in a while!

      I would LOVE to see some Egyptian gear . . . in fact, if you make some, please PM me, because I'd totally buy it!

      Er, sorry to veer off-topic >_>

      -- A <3
    9. thanks for the link. very cool. i do like your mau ashbet. i really like her face shape.