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Phantomdoll's first original SD sized head - Noel

Oct 13, 2005

    1. Head size is 8.5, default eye size 16mm - 18mm. Comes in white and normal skin, and will be limited to 10:




      Just lovely!
    2. I've left a message on Phantom's board asking if she's determined a price for the head yet. When I hear back from her, I'll ask about resin matches.

      If you want to post yourself on Phantom's board, just go to http://www.phantomdoll.com/main.html, then click on "Angel's List" in the left nav, then on "Order for Buying" in the image map. Phantom is super friendly, speaks English well and answers questions very quickly.

      I just think the "Noel" head is absolutely awesome!
    3. uh-oh sorry guys

      A message from phantom

      "Thank you for your interest.
      But I'm really sorry the Noel type was completed all sale.
      I hope you has interest to my doll like now.
      Thanks again and have a good day!! "