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Phoenix Doll

Oct 12, 2017

    1. Website

      Elle Review
      (Anne Pecaro)

      Current Available Heads:

      - Elle
      - Mei
      - Android Mei
      - Liu

      PhoenixDoll's Own Hybrid Recommendations (found in a section referencing Elle specifically, but likely would work for all):
      - Dollstown 18
      - Dollshe 26F

      Resin Colors:
      - Normal (which they have formulated to match Dollshe/Dollstown Fresh)
      - Tan (which they refer to alternatively in the resin color choice drop-down as "Oriental" and is meant to match Dollshe/Dollstown Oriental)

      Has anyone purchased any of these heads and want to talk about them?

      I'm very interested in Liu--I like that the roundness of her face does not result in a lack of detail (she has soft angles to her face).
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    2. Hi, I'm Lucille Faulkner of Phoenix dolls, I hope you don't mind me commenting in your thread :) Although I can't speak for our customers one or two of them have shared their experience with us.

      Three days ago the lovely Lynn Perkins posted on her blog about her experience with Android Mei

      DollsArtCats: Phoenix Dolls Android Mei

      She even tried her new phoenix doll head on a huge selection of dolls to check the fit and colour match. Very informative.

      then we have Carrie from the youtube channel Carries Doll's and Crafts with this video

      She's seems to really like here new android Mei head as well :)

      If no one else posts here you could try our facebook page, lots of Phoenix dolls owners there
      #2 lucillem, Oct 14, 2017
      Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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    3. @lucillem

      I appreciate the extra resources! I've actually already preordered a Liu in oriental/tan skin (although she may be dyed a darker tan to match the new SupiaDoll 65cm body in tan--still haven't decided, but I want a chubbier/stouter body for her, so the lack of the hip joint will make a mod easier).

      I'm definitely more of a "what I have in mind I'll make it work sort of person, but knowing what bodies fit is definitely nice for those who might otherwise be anxious to be forced to hybrid a doll. And I may have to check PhoenixDoll Facebook through my sister's account (unless I can stalk it without a login--I tried Facebook, but I'm not tech savvy in that way and it ended up representing a version of myself from 7 years ago, which doesn't really help with applications).

      I really love the sculpt--one of the first dolls I fell in love with years ago when I started seriously considering joining the hobby was Bimong Mindulrae (Dandelion), but her face was too young for the type of dolls I liked and I thought she only fit MSD. This past year, I learned she could actually fit small SD bodies and began seriously shelling her as a character, but again, I knew that the sculpt wasn't perfect for what I had in mind and I'd likely have to mod her.

      Then I saw Liu and saw a face with the fullness I liked of Mindulrae (many asian sculpts--like my Or-Doll Anderl, Dollclans Vezeto, and UniverseDoll Blanc have very narrow faces), and a similarly distinctive nose, with more realistically-detailed lips and eyes.

      I still love Bimong sculpts (and I will probably look to acquire one of his super-posable 60cm female bodies at some point), but I very much believe in finding the right starting canvas for a doll. (They tend to get altered even if they're the perfect sculpt.)
    4. oh wow awesome :) You seem like you have a plan for Liu then, I'd love to see what you end up doing with her. Will you be making a work in progress thread like with your other projects?
    5. @lucillem
      I will make a project thread for this doll. Unfortunately, I am back in school and have not yet purchased the body, so it will be slow going (like my other projects).

      All I can really manage right now is stop/start work on lace wigs, but I do now have holiday breaks which will allow me to get larger chunks of my projects completed.
    6. I just received news that my Liu head shipped! :dance

      Is anyone else in on this order period?
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    7. Just ordered a Liu head! I am so excited to have stumbled across Phoenix dolls.

      There has been a third body added to the two listed above, that are compatible with the Phoenix Dolls head sculpts - Supia 65cm.
      Here is the information from their website [photos noted in the text can be seen on their website] : Supia was a surprise fit and match, Below is a picture of a Supia SD in their normal resin colour which matches our Classic Cream (previously called Oriental colour) resin perfectly.

      On flickr Lucille has a photo of the Liu head on a Supia 65cm body - Liu Phoenixdolls

      Also, the resin colors have changed names - [text from PhoenixDolls website]
      The resin colours stay the same but the name clarification changes.

      Our normal resin is now called Fine Cream and our Oriental resin is now called Classic cream.

      @lucillem - Please correct anything if I have made a mistake in the above quotes and information. :)
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    8. Hi there :) yes all above info correct :) Thank you so much for your order and for sharing this info :) can't wait to see what you do with her .We should be launching our new head this weekend so exciting :celebrate
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    9. Thank You! Looking forward to seeing the new head and of course, there are other previously introduced heads I am interested in. :)
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    10. The head arrived today. It is so beautiful. Lots of detail/bone structure. It might be a while before she gets a face-up. My daughter has just finished her first year as an art major and I asked her if she wanted to try doing it. Here is a photo, but just does not do the head justice on the sculpting details. :D Thank you @lucillem!


      Lui (by Phoenixdolls) by Laurie W, on Flickr

      Also, the newest head that was just released, Neave, is gorgeous!
      Link for anyone who has not seen Neave - https://www.phoenix-dolls.com/product-page
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    11. Wow, the new head is so different/realistic which I love! And Lui is stunning as well. I hope they'll be available a long while because I can't purchase for a long while, LOL. But I'd love both of these girls! What color did you get @LaurieESW ? And what is the body color please :D
    12. I ordered Liu in classic cream, to match Supia's normal resin color. :)
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    13. Awesome, thank you for the info :D
    14. So beautiful!!! I fell in love with Neave! She is limited?
    15. These are so gorgeous, I have both heads in my shopping cart, but no idea how I could possibly pay for them, LOL.
    16. For those interested in Elle or Mei saw this post on Phoenix Doll's facebook page 50% off and that those sculpts will not be made in the future.

      50% off our 2017 collection!

      That's both Elle and Mie for $85! But once they're gone they're gone as we won't be making casting more in the future. This means we have rather limited stock so if you want new now's your last chance.
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    17. I'm going to have to wait for the ones I'm in love with, Neave and/or Liu if I can save up enough in time, then it'll take time to get them bodies :(
    18. I understand. I really like Neave too. The resin wish-list grows ever longer. ;)
      The MSC arrives tomorrow and hoping my daughter can work on Liu's face-up. Fingers crossed she can do it. Otherwise, I will have to find an artist with an opening. I am so excited to see her come to life with a face-up, she is so amazing blank.
    19. Nothing better than to have your own daughter's artwork on your prized possession! Maybe she can earn money on the side by doing faces to pay for school? :D