New Doll Phoenix Dolls - Android Mei

Aug 26, 2017

    1. Hi guys,

      After the successful launch of our previous head, Elle (click here to see she and a review by youtube's Anne Pecaro) we're back with a new head!


      This time with a brand new theme, Science fiction. Android Mei is an android based on our second sculpt Mei's design of head (we ran a pre order for her a while back, she'll be on sale in September). Intricate robot details and panelling adorn her face highlighting and emphasizing her anatomy.


      She has a 10 cm neck size and is in our normal resin, it's a slightly pale skin tone and matches pure fresh skin near perfectly.

      dolls our head fits onto:
      Dollshe 26F in pure fresh skin
      Dollstown 18 year body in pure fresh skin
      Resinsoul bigger girl body (60cm) in white skin but needs blushing to match


      Wig size: 8
      Neck diameter: 10cm
      Eye size: 12mm
      Resin style: Normal resin (Matches Pure Fresh skin)

      We have a small amount of heads in stock and ready to be purchased for $170!

      You can buy her from our website OR send me a personal message and you can buy her from here.

      Shipping is $10 to the UK and $20 rest of the world, insured. She could be in your hands in only a matter of weeks!

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