New Company Phoenix Dolls - Elle

May 23, 2017

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      Hi guys,

      we're very proud to introduce you to my first BJD! We're calling her Elle. We were influenced by strong female characters in TV and films that aren't in any means "clothes horses" but can look after them selves while still looking beautiful.

      While making her we thought we should reach out to one of the most influential personalities in the BJD collecting hobby, Anne Pecaro, In the hopes she might like her and give us some feedback on our work. It turns out she absolutely fell in love with her, you can find out what she had to say below


      She has a 10 cm neck size and is in our normal resin, it's a slightly pale skin tone and matches pure fresh skin near perfectly.

      Wig size: 8
      Neck diameter: 10cm
      Eye size: 12mm
      Resin style: Normal resin (Matches Pure Fresh skin)

      We have a small amount of heads in stock and ready to be purchased for $170!

      You can buy her from our website OR send me a personal message and you can buy her from here.

      Shipping is $10 to the UK and $20 rest of the world, insured. She could be in your hands in only a matter of weeks!

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