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Sep 10, 2017

    1. Phoenix Dolls | Ball Jointed Dolls | United Kingdom ($170)

      Hi guys,

      We're back with out second major release! You've probably seen Mei before back when we put her up for pre-order a few months back now. Following that pre-order we had her cast and I'm very happy to announce that she's on sale now!


      This is Mei. This time around we decided to look east for inspiration and I hope you like what we've come up with. We found inspiration in film (Lucy lie) and in video games (faith from the mirror edge series of video games) She's a few years younger than Elle with a softer expression and a slightly mischievous personality, you can catch a glimpse of this in her playful and subtle smile.


      She has a 10 cm neck size and is in our normal resin, it's a slightly pale skin tone and matches pure fresh skin near perfectly.

      dolls our head fits onto:
      Dollshe 26F in pure fresh skin
      Dollstown 18 year body in pure fresh skin
      Resinsoul bigger girl body (60cm) in white skin but needs blushing to match


      Wig size: 8
      Neck diameter: 10cm
      Eye size: 12mm
      Resin style: Normal resin (Matches Pure Fresh skin)

      We have a small amount of heads in stock and ready to be purchased for $170!

      You can buy her from our website OR send me a personal message and you can buy her from here.

      Shipping is $10 to the UK and $20 rest of the world, insured. She could be in your hands in only a matter of weeks!

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