New Doll Phoenix Dolls - Orla

Jun 29, 2018

    1. Phoenix Dolls - Orla

      Hi guys,

      We're back with our fifth major release! We shown off a little teaser image earlier this month and since then we had her cast and painted I'm very happy to announce that she's on sale now!


      Orla has a neck size of 10cm. She comes in two colours. Our normal resin which is a slightly pale skin tone and matches Dollshe pure fresh skin near perfectly and Oriental resin which is ever so slightly tan and matches Dollshe pure oriental resin near perfectly

      She fits onto:
      • Dollshe 26F in pure fresh skin/pure oriental
      • Dollstown 18 year body in pure fresh skin/pure oriental
      • Resinsoul bigger girl body (60cm) in white skin but needs blushing to match
      • Supia SD in normal resin colour to match our oriental resin colour (yea...confusing but trust me :P)
      This blog post we shows you what bodies our heads fit onto Does it fit?


      Wig size: 8
      Neck diameter: 10cm
      Eye size: 10mm
      Resin colour : Normal resin (matches pure fresh skin) and Oriental resin (matches pure oriental )

      We have a small amount of heads in stock and ready to be purchased for $170!

      You can buy her from our website OR send me a personal message and you can buy her from here.

      Shipping is $10 to the UK and $20 rest of the world, insured. She could be in your hands in only a matter of weeks!

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