Phoenix Mystery Dolls

May 29, 2020

    1. Hi everyone!! I haven't seen a thread for these dolls yet and I really love the way they look so I decided to make my own discussion thread!!

      Phoenix Mystery seems to be a new BJD company trying to break into the market! I couldn't find a lot of information about them with a quick google search; unfortunately they have two incredibly common words as their name, and Phoenix by itself is already a BJD company! I'm not sure if they're an off-shoot of them, or if it's just a coincidence. I imagine that, as they grow, the community at large will gain more information about them.

      Phoenix Mystery doesn't have their own website (yet): their main dealer seems to be Legend Dolls (though clover-singing also has listings), and I ordered my first fullset girl, PingYang, through them. I'm still waiting on her and plan to do an unboxing and an examination of her body, but I noticed that they released their second girl, Shuanglu, today on 5/29!! That's not even a 3 month period between releasing sculpts!! I think she's very beautiful, but I probably won't get her (for now ;)).

      Both of their girls so far share the same 60cm body, which you can order by itself!! It looks like a nice body, but I don't think anyone in the general public has had a chance to try it out yet!!

      Anyway, I'll turn it over to you!! I'd love to talk to some people who've seen what Phoenix Mystery's offering and want to take a chance on them!!
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    2. Phoenix Mystery dolls have been decided on topic for DoA. :)
    3. Oh good! anyone bought one yet?
    4. I've heard on weibo that Loong Soul and Phoenix Mystery are under same company.