Maintenance Photobucket Cleanup

Oct 1, 2017

    1. It's time for some housecleaning on DoA!

      With Photobucket's changes this year, there are a lot of broken images lurking around the forum. We're aware that many of you have already been making an effort to replace them, so thank you! :)

      The DoA mod team will need to start tidying up the broken images soon though. We will be waiting until the end of 2017, or perhaps the beginning of 2018, after which point we will be removing any images that are using Photobucket's 'hostage' placeholder graphic.

      This gives everyone roughly three months starting now, to finalize your image migration. Now is your chance to relocate images and update your threads and posts to replace broken ones. If you don't want to update your threads, just report them and they'll be deleted. Per DoA policy, this is a permanent deletion, so if you want your threads/photostories/tutorials/galleries to stay, be sure that none of your images are broken.

      We especially appreciate and encourage efforts from long-time members to replace your older photos. The images on DoA encapsulate so much of the BJD hobby's history over the past 13 years, that it's sad and a shame to lose so many because of Photobucket's maneuverings. Some of the Database and Photo Reference threads in particular have been decimated in their earliest posts, and it will grieve us to have to remove those posts. If you're not sure how to find your older post list in your profile, we'd be glad to help. Contact us in Ask the Moderators.

      --Please note!

      Marketplace sales threads should always have working photos. It is normally standard policy for the mod team to archive sales threads with broken photos, but we wanted to allow some time for people to fix Photobucket breakage so we were not doing that for a while. However, we will be resuming that policy starting now. So please make sure your sales threads all have working photos, otherwise they will be archived!

      Thank you for keeping DoA a tidy place with lots to see, and a historical archive of our hobby for future hobbyists!

      If you would like to talk about this topic further, there is currently a discussion underway in the following thread:
      Photobucket ToS changes
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