Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. There are sites like Smugmug that are easy to use at a low annual cost. Then you don't have to deal with hosting images yourself.

      Postimage is a nice free site.
    2. This. While I did not host with Photobucket, and I’m pro account on Flickr it’s enough of a warning that I’m not entrusting my content to any social media or free/3rd party hosting site again. We do have storage built into our website package so in 2018, I’m going to start using it. Social media sites have been a large and long trend starting back in the MySpace days and free Wordpress and Blogger accounts are also still very popular, especially if you are just starting a website BUT...freebie sites have quite a few drawbacks as well, advertisements you don’t choose, they lack the guaranteed backups, control and even cloud storage for your content and having your own actual website gives way more security and control over your own content.

      I hate it that Photobucket changed the service it provided and just left so many people flailing with very little notice and few options and I’m really grateful to everyone who takes the time to re-host their DoA images, even if you only replace the database ones...a very important resource for everyone in the hobby! I fear we will lose quite a few older ones and of course all the ones from members no longer active. :(
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    3. I am using a combination of Postimage and my paid LiveJournal account for hosting. I am working most recent backward. I know I have a lot more pics in the earlier days and I am going as fast as I can. I took off today to work on this.
    4. For those of you with a Photobucket image in your signature, it may look fine to you but the rest of us get the nasty little Photobucket grey update notice.
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    5. Photobucket seems to be down so we cannot get our photos moved over.
    6. Now after moving and reposting a bunch of photos using postimage, I see broken images. When I go edit, it says:

      Service Unavailable
      the service is temporarily busy
      please try again later
    7. I took a break in 2017 so I'm just finding out about this big change :( but I can see my pictures, can you guys see them? or do you see the photobucket notice?

      I have photobucket since 2005 I think and I have over 18,000 pictures. I used to pay premium in the beginning when the price was only like $20+ a year but then I changed to AdFree and that's what I currently have. $400 a year is outrageous!!

      I should be careful too because I use photobucket to store all my pictures, I think I will have to buy an external hard drive to backup all my stuff and as for sharing I'll probably start using flickr once I get back into the hobby again or just stay in instagram.

      How things get harder with time instead of easier...
    8. I can see them as of today but as others have said, check your membership and the expiration deadlines. Photobucket is a mess and they did not reconsider their new policy as far as I know! :(
    9. Thank you for letting me know!! I payed for the Adfree account on November 4th 2017 (it was automatic payment) but I will call them to make sure. The last time I spoke with them they were very helpful.
    10. Oh many I went through my posts and updated a bunch of my pictures using a new site and now the site I changed to is broken or something and so I have to do it all over again and I'm already past the 2017 deadline. :sigh

      Guess I have my work cut out for me tomorrow and I'll have to work fast.
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    11. It's not any guarantee... but if you intend to try and fix your links, try putting an obvious note at the top of your post saying that (it's a bit of a pain, since you still have to hunt down and edit all your threads). It may save your thread for a while.


      I've been sort of lucky-- I have 10 years of doll photos on Photobucket, but I had a paid account so I won't get the Coercion Icon until my account is due for payment sometime in the Spring... I've been slowly transferring the forum-sized photos on Photobucket that I've posted here over to Flickr.

      I've got larger photo files in duplicates, somewhere on my gazillion external HDs, so that's not a worry... but in order to fix images, I just want to find all the posted, re-sized photos. I've been hunting my threads down here on DoA (I will still need to do this elsewhere before my photos stop showing, but most of them are here).

      I've been Searching with the first part of the Photobucket URL and my account name--that seems to have brought up most--but needed to re-try with a more abbreviated form to get more.

      I've been fixing photos thread- and post-by-post because I don't want to save my entire Photobucket (as I already have all my images saved), but just those that are being used, and just those I need at the smaller size. The smaller size is just easier to upload quickly and it's all I need for posting.

      I've been saving the photos into a big messy folder of images--renaming them so I can group them and make sure I'm not bothering with doubles, uploading them to Flickr because it's free (so far) and seems to allow a large number of files. It might also die, but that seems to be how life goes--believe me, Photobucket isn't the first major host to have messed people up here... but it seems like there isn't a lot of really good options out there. I also use Imgur for my new photos--they can convert my files to forum-size and are free so far.

      Then I get the new BBC links from Flickr (make sure you just paste those in directly, without using the image icon, since they already have the coding) and paste them into the threads and posts, so I can just visit the posts one time to fix them. It's been working for me so far, but I have... oh, maybe ten or more pages of threads and posts to fix! I've already been through maybe twice as many as that. (I've been a busy, chatty, photo-sharing person here!)

      I like seeing the old threads get fixed... :thumbup
      I know most people won't be interested, but it's sad when I see all those great old photos and threads go away...
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    12. Do the Mods want us to start "Report"ing any highly used/useful threads with Photobucket-Dead image boxes? I guess what I mean is, How can we help you out, Mods?
      This is a huge issue on a site wide scale, I know, but as an ImageShack user I haven't got many images that need fixing often, so what can I do to help?
    13. I have let several users know that images in their signatures are broken. They see them because they are signed on but the rest of us don't see them.
    14. Reporting threads with broken images is always welcome. It's not imperative to go out and hunt them all down right now, since we're getting a fair amount of Reports just because it's an issue right now. There are a few people who haven't noticed their images are broken and are only now worried about fixing them (it happens!)... so being super good at Reporting broken images might catch some of those people's threads up. Unfortunately, we already gave an extended time to the Photobucket Coercion Icon folks to try and fix, so all of those are now liable to be deleted if Reported.

      Down the road when people aren't thinking about it, it would be great if people checked now and then, and Reported. It's especially nice if you report your own threads, if you know you aren't going to fix them. But we do appreciate Reporting broken images at any time. :3nodding:

      Remember that threads with working photos in other posts, or with working links to photos are still OK, even if they have broken links.


      It's nice that you are letting others know about broken links, so they can fix them, @nancy_schroeder_ca .
    15. Amazon Prime members: Amazon lists unlimited cloud storage for photos as a Prime Member Benefit, but I have not read the rules on hotlinking or 3rd party sharing for images, to be able to use the image links on forums etc. Is anyone familiar with this feature? Could it be another option? (Assuming one plans to remain a Prime member...)

      Also for those still having trouble retrieving their images from Photobucket, (and yes, this seems rather obvious so forgive me if it's been mentioned) but you can click your image here in DoA to display the full-size image and then right click and save the image to your computer drive and then re-upload to the image service of choice, replace the link in your post here.
      MAD LOVE to everyone replacing their images, especially in database and comparison threads, your photos are so appreciated and valuable! :aheartbea

      As I come across them, I'll start reporting database and reference photos with broken photobucket links to the image owners if they have logged on within the past, hm year, I guess? Hoping I won't get a grumpy reply for nagging them though...
    16. Most people should know by know if their photo host has broken their 3rd Party hosting links... A few members who haven't been on for a long time have only just realized what's going on, but most people know. We've also given the Photobucket folks quite a few months to try and fix things...

      On the other hand, there are some other problems with photos not showing that aren't due to Photobucket or for services ending... But it's really up to the members themselves to check if their photos are working or not.
    17. Is anyone using Smugmug? If so are you able to get the BBC code using an android phone to post pictures here?
      I've just a few days left on my free trial and can't figure out how to do it.
    18. If you use the internet browser instead of the app you can get the Before. Here's a sample
    19. Is there a way to get Google Photo to show as an image and not just a link? I've played around and I have not figured it out.