Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. Check post #304 above. It has a link to the fix for Chrome.
    2. Oh my gosh! Photobucket must have felt the pain, for now they offer image-hosting etc for about $30/yr instead of $400!!! I'm happy to support them, for a reasonable rate. I subscribed, and my photos are back here!! I'm so incredibly happy.

      Of course, I did that before checking here to see if they just magically reappeared, but according to their terms, they wouldn't. And no, I didn't do any add-ons or work-arounds.
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    3. I'm glad they finally came around but it's too late for me. Everything has been moved and I won't go back.
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    4. I never had the time to rebuild the stories. Furthest I got was copying the links and searching the images in my own files. I started a Flickr account but never got anywhere. I'm just so happy my stories are up on here again!! They need loads of work, but now at least I have a reference point, plus I can download the images to my laptop in case any of those missing photos can't be found.
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    5. This is fantastic news for me, because frankly, the hostage situation with Photobucket photos literally made me abandon the doll hobby and DOA entirely. I just didn't have the emotional reserves to deal with that. I was going through some major life changes, and replacing a hosting service and ALL my photos was just too much. While I did remove some of my items from PB, I haven't delete most of the albums, and looking at a couple of my threads, those photos are back, at least.

      Of course, now I need a new service to use again, as I would like to rejoin the hobby a bit. :) This is literally my first post in almost a year. I realized it was August, and that means DOA anniversary events. Reminded me that I wanted to try to come back!
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    6. When the change happened I didn't want Photobucket to be holding onto copies of my images anymore so I nuked the account completely and rehosted my "best" stuff on Flickr. I've been posting on DoA since 2007 so it was impossible to find everything that needed to be replaced. A good amount of the threads, informational posts, and database entries I made over the years are gone now. I don't blame the mods for cleaning up my posts that had broken images but I won't be going back to Photobucket ever again.
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    7. Yeah, Photobucket is not to be trusted, as far as I'm concerned. I did leave up my account, just in case I needed to save something... but have mostly swapped DoA photos to Flickr (although I'm worried about how long that will last!). I still have some really old posts on other forums that are linked to photobucket. It's impossible to fix them all, I agree! :sigh
    8. Flickr is now owned by SmugMug so I have a better feeling about Flickr now!
    9. JUST got an email today, from Photobucket, saying this:

      “ Starting October 4th, you will see a discrete “Proudly hosted on Photobucket” watermark on any images you display on sites other than Photobucket.

      This change will allow us to continue offering our image hosting service to you as a free user. If you don’t mind the watermark and wish to continue as a free user, you won’t need to do anything. “

      I’m SO HAPPY

      From what I can tell, it looks like everything is working fine now. I looked at a few of my old threads that I know weren’t working and I can see my pictures again. :D

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    10. Today's news:

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    11. Oh joy. :/ Maybe I'll have to go back to Photobucket again......
    12. Compared to Photobucket's original request for $299 or $399 per year (I can't recall which), and immediately taking down pics without warning, Flickr's $49.99 a year, and plenty of advance warning about the free accounts doesn't seem so bad. But, if you don't mind Photobucket's watermark, then Photobucket may be best for you.

      I find it interesting that Photobucket seems to be making an effort to mend their ways; I wonder how sincere it is. At any rate, I hope they've learned from the trouble they caused and the ill will they generated.
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    13. 1000 photos is plenty for me! I was under Photobucket's limit but choose the $10 a year option to avoid the relentless ads. I closed by Photobucket account and will NEVER trust them again!
    14. Photobucket has lost my trust entirely. Plus, their site works terribly! --With lots of horrible ads. They made it difficult to get photos off their site when we wanted to! UGH!

      I'd happily pay a fair price for a good photo host. If Flickr makes me pay, I won't mind if they don't start messing around with everyone later!
    15. Found this in regard to the new Flickr update

      *Free members with more than 1,000 photos or videos uploaded to Flickr have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019, to upgrade to Pro or download content over the limit. After January 8, 2019, members over the limit will no longer be able to upload new photos to Flickr. After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content actively deleted -- starting from oldest to newest date uploaded -- to meet the new limit.
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    16. Guess I'll be having a looooot of Flickr accounts in the future. 1000 photos? New account. :'D I should look into my website hosting, see if I can link the photos to here. Hm.

      I agree with @april , Photobucket has lost my trust as well. Luckily I deleted everything off it. The site was already not great before their big mistake but it is even worse now.
    17. This is lovely... I have almost 7,000 photos and if I don’t want to pay for Flickr pro yearly, I have to remove most of them but I have nowhere to put them. Ugh... -_-

      I almost worry that they’ll even crack down on the mass load of multiple accounts being made after this or make you use your phone number, so we can’t make multiples. :/
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    18. I'm debating what to do and in fact when you do the math, the amount is not that bad for Flicker. It's only $4.17 a month. and it's unlimited and no ads.

      I do appreciate them letting people know ahead of time so they can decide what to do. I use to have dollpage and it was heartbreaking when they stop the service and everything was deleted and everywhere I had posted pictures were left with a annoying X square.

      because of what Photobucket previously did with no warning and how they handled the whole mess, I personally would not want to have them as my picture host, just in case they decided to do that again.

      I know I have over 1000 pics. and I guess it's about, do I want to redo everything again? Not sure I would want to.

      For me, the small amount they are asking a month may be worth not having the aggravation of having to start all over again.
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    19. It seems like there are fewer and fewer photo-hosts to choose from. And no good free ones (since there is a chance that they will change their terms of service or stop business).

      I moved some of my photos from Photobucket over to Flickr. Not sure how many... I'll THINK about paying them, since I don't want to move photos again.

      I was also using Imgur... but they are doing some odd things... Being a photo-host doesn't seem to be the direction they are heading at the moment.
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