Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. We're looking into the issue – we're not the only site having this problem.
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    2. Flickr's pay or go away issue starts on Feb. 5. (I'm going to have to start paying them, it seems, but I'm waiting until the last minute! I swapped over 1000 photos from Photobucket to Flickr, and I'm not going to change them all AGAIN, even if I have to pay. --grrr!)

      Hopefully the current issue is temporary. Geesh. So hard to find a stable photo host these days! :sigh
    3. @april It's so expensive to host photos. I can understand why offering free photo storage isn't a feasible business plan, but it does make things hard. I wish we could afford to host images ourselves.

      For everyone with Flickr problems – It looks like some images have reappeared, but I know that some are still broken. The problem is caused by Flickr, not on our end, so we're hoping it's just a glitch that will be resolved soon.
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