1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. We're looking into the issue – we're not the only site having this problem.
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    2. Flickr's pay or go away issue starts on Feb. 5. (I'm going to have to start paying them, it seems, but I'm waiting until the last minute! I swapped over 1000 photos from Photobucket to Flickr, and I'm not going to change them all AGAIN, even if I have to pay. --grrr!)

      Hopefully the current issue is temporary. Geesh. So hard to find a stable photo host these days! :sigh
    3. @april It's so expensive to host photos. I can understand why offering free photo storage isn't a feasible business plan, but it does make things hard. I wish we could afford to host images ourselves.

      For everyone with Flickr problems – It looks like some images have reappeared, but I know that some are still broken. The problem is caused by Flickr, not on our end, so we're hoping it's just a glitch that will be resolved soon.
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