1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. nth-ing that Flickr has been a fairly good photo hosting site for a while now. That said, both Flickr and Tumblr were recently bought by Verizon (which is why Tumblr hasn't been showing the same ads to support net neutrality that they did the last time around), so it is possible that there are changes on the horizon. I pay for Flickr and it has been worthwhile; if you use a free account, they limit your photos to the most recently uploaded 200. Also agreeing that Tumblr isn't a good hosting service for photos outside of its own website (explanation and workaround here on a fanart blog).

      I wrote a Tutorial about how to post pictures to DoA from Flickr a while back.
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    2. Thank you for the heads up. What a pain but I guess I will roll up the sleeves this weekend & change everything over.
    3. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the link to download your PB album? They say it'll be sent to your email, but I've waited since last night and nothing. And it just gave me an error when I tried again. :/
    4. This is beyond ridiculous. I've recieved their "we noticed that you've been using PB for 3rd party hosting" email and was like "well duh, that's what sites like yours are for?", then noticed all my links were broken.
      Thankfully, I've been using Flickr for years for my "main" pics and PB only for my sales, but it still was a pain in the butt to migrate everything to servimg.
      I immediately deleted my account afterwards.
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    5. Photobucket has been going downhill for years. When I first started using it almost a decade ago, there wasn't so much advertising and it was never as slow as it's become in recent years. I found it incredibly cumbersome to navigate, and honestly, I won't miss it!
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    6. Is there a deadline for being able to move out photos over? Because I'm a super busy person, and really don't have the time to move all 600+ photos across and fix all the broken links immediately. Plus I'm sure there will be photos I'll inevitably miss. :sweat
      Edit: I realise that we can see all our previous posts, does this also count the posts we made before the forum changed? If so this might makes things a little easier.
    7. Oh no, why did they do this. :atremblin So far all pics on my sale threads work, but I have to move all pictures away from PB asap. Its been working so horrible slow lately anyway and I was already planning to move anyway. Just have to find a good substitute for it. I already have Flickr but don't want to put all the sometimes crappy sale pictures there too. I rather have them somewhere somehow hidden place and just get the links. I already tried to test Google+ but I didn't get the links to work on DoA. Is there any specific trick on to get them working here?
    8. I am having a hard time finding the bbdode links...they will not let me share anything HELP!
    9. I'm not sure if you saw this, but here's a tutorial of how to get the BBCode! Also, make sure you have the photo set to public (the default is private) and that you post the BBCode directly into your post on DoA and not into the IMG URL section. Hope this helps a bit!
    10. The tutorial does not mention that you must be using a pc or laptop. It doesn't work from a cellphone.
    11. I AM able to post a picture from postimage from my phone
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    12. Just for me I had 2 ways could use sharing links.

      1: I had used DeviantArt it's could working. First open the picture which you had uploaded on DA, and then click the right mouse button find 'Copy Image Address' from the menu, at last you could got image links, you just need paste this links in 'Image' or . I had used it for my 2 threads what I had posted at last month.

      2: No matter which photo website you will use, you just try to find the links looks like: [http://*******.jpg]
      (For example) http://img08.deviantart.net/67e9/i/2017/177/7/3/003_by_nalisinko-dbe3e6l.jpg It has '.jpg' at the end of part, then this link code could in use, even though you could got some links like Flickr has long code, for example: <a href="#"><img src="http://www.deviantart.net/67e9/i/2017/177/7/3/003_by_nalisinko-dbe3e6l.jpg" width="50px" height="30px" /></a> At here you need find and pick up the code like [http://www.deviantart.net/67e9/i/2017/177/7/3/003_by_nalisinko-dbe3e6l.jpg] and then paste it into your thread.

      Of course you could try to click the right mouse button find 'Copy Image Address' from the menu first, it's really easy and useful, If this way doesn't working you could try the second way.
      PS: The second way usually used with some website allowed and gave you sharing link. Maybe you could try to find 'link' from web page source code, but maybe it will be little hard.

      Those advice just from Code study primary level what I had studied, hope it could help to everyone ^^
    13. Don't forget to turn off automatic subscription payments to Photobucket in PayPal if your were paying for their advertisement free upgrade.

      I thought that Flickr frowned on this and has even deleted accounts if they noticed too many outside of Flickr hits on photos? I have personally gotten a warning email from the Flickr staff for posting photo links on DOA. I always used the "static" links which I understood to be the least troublesome to Flickr.
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    14. I prefer to use a site that specifically permits 3rd party hosting.

      When I first signed up with flickr, they prohibited 3rd party hosting. I understand flickr is now owned by Yahoo and I don't think they will like a lot of old photobucket users from using there site for posting photos.
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    15. That seems strange to me; I don't think they'd offer BBCode links if they weren't expecting people to post outside Flickr.

      They do ask that people don't delete the little tag line beneath photos shared with BBCode. I guess they want people to be able to find the site the photo is hosted on easily. Really subtle advertising, I guess. It may be they only like people using BBCode or HTML code with links for that reason.

      Of course, I'm not a Flickr advertiser or anything, haha~ I've just found it really convenient and easy. :3nodding:
    16. I will put my vote again for Flickr. I did in one day with Flickr, what I'd been working on (and not even gotten 3/4 of the way done) for three days with Imgur (although I did kinda commit all of yesterday to uploading photos and updating my gallery threads and just powered through it).

      Today I went and tried to update as many of my posts with images as I could. Sadly, in older locked threads, I can't fix the broken image links. :( I wonder what will happen to those broken images... I mean, the threads are archived, so it probably wouldn't be horrible to just leave them broken... and it would be a great shame to delete half the old threads because posts contain broken images due to PB being despicable jerks, but I do wish there was a way to fix them. :/ It makes me sad to think of all the lost images...

      I really love how Flickr organizes my photos in my camera roll by 'date taken' which sets them up all neat and tidy for me! :) (I can be fairly OCD about how things are organized, so Flickr makes that easy for me and calms my OCD tendencies, thankfully.)
    17. I will happily give a "thumbs-up" for Smugmug. I went with them last year after the whole DollPage debacle, and Photobucket and Flickr were not good options for me, for a lot of the reasons already hashed over in this thread. Yes, it is a subscription-based platform, but in the year that I have been using it, I've not had a single problem with it as a hosting platform--no crashes, no weirdness with pictures not showing, etc. (And I take and post tons of pictures...) The stability of the platform is well-worth the price of the price of the subscription, IMO, especially if you are a prolific photo poster.
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    18. Also recommending Flickr. Their fees for an upgraded account are quite reasonable and there's a nice BJD community on there as well. Ipernity is good, but they charge a fee for unlimited storage.
    19. It took me 5 tries just to delete my account because of all the popup ads. I will have to go back to my DVD saved photos and upload some of my stories on to Flickr.
      :xGreedy people make me mad. :evil::barf
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