1. Please check the announcement in the DOA News section. Broken links to TinyPic were noticed over the weekend, and today we confirmed they've been shutting down over the last month. Since a lot of people appear to have pictures there, be aware that Monday, 9/16/19 appears to be the last day to download your photos.
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Photobucket ToS changes

Jul 5, 2017

    1. regarding Flickr, their free account has the following benefits:
      • 1 TB of photo and video storage
      • Upload videos of up to 1GB each
      • Upload photos of up to 200 MB each
      • Video playback of up to 3 minutes each
      • Limitless downloads of your original photos
      So don't afraid, it is a really good solution.
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    2. You can also really easily sort photos into albums in Flickr when uploading (and unlike PB, Flickr allows a photo to be in multiple albums, which for me at least makes it a lot easier to find them! "Did I put that picture into album X or album Y...?")

      I went through and downloaded all my BJD albums last night, threw them onto Photobucket, and swapped out everything I had here using the tip someone else gave to search by my PB username, so it actually went fairly quickly. (And thanks to the mods who helped out with the older locked threads!)
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    3. The real toil is turning out to be replacement here on DoA. I'm not even a prolific photographer, but I have nine pages of gallery threads to replace. And I'm laughing at my need to spam every new doll in every possible thread! I managed to replace all images of one guy out of twenty-five last night, and he's not even a favorite. :sigh
    4. This is really a pain in the *&^%$%! Downloading my entire album of photos from Photobucket was easy, but there is no way in heck I will pay them. Guess Flickr is my next choice, this bites!
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    5. I'm just not even trying to replace images at this point. According to Photobucket (left them a scathing message) since I am paying them (for the 20 Plus) my photos are safe until after December, so I've time. I also have a Flickr account so I just need to transfer photos as needed. Most of mine are also on my computer & removable hard drive.
      This will kill Photobucket of course.
    6. Replacing all the photos I have posted from Photobucket is a big daunting task. I post lots of photos. Lucky for me I filled up my free account about two years ago and went to Flickr after that.

      I just worked on my first gallery post...and it took awhile to do. The only good thing was it was kind of fun revisiting that thread. LOL It was done seven years ago.:nowords:

      Time flies for sure.
    7. I think I replaced images of one of my guys... He's my first, Elf El "Elurin", so he's had 13 years of photos!

      And I replaced links in 20 threads/posts, last night (I'm kind of dead this morning, thank goodness it's Saturday).

      Heh... Yes, it was tempting to update everything as I go along, thinking that I have more dolls I could add in! So far, I've resisted!


      If my PB account allows, and if DoA allows (in terms of time allowed), I may be able to replace most of my photos. I didn't think I'd keep most of my posts, but some are kind of cool--revisiting cons and meetups and gallery threads that I haven't seen for years! It's kind of a walk down memory lane!

      I've not bothered uploading my larger files to Flickr which is a bit of a shame... Just uploading the small BBC-friendly sizes. It's just quicker that way. Yes that size is crap resolution, but oh, well. Most people are viewing online anyway. I'll upload larger files maybe, when it comes to newer and better (hopefully) photos...
    8. How did you access posts in locked threads? Did you report your post and include a new link? I'd love to do that... but I don't want to swamp the mods with reports just so they can fix my old broken images... :/ I have a lot I'm sure... :sweat
    9. I gave up on downloading albums from my Photobucket account as it was so horribly slow it did not work properly. I just deleted them all and requested that my account is deleted too. Bye, bye Photobucket. Not that I will miss it with the ton of adverts all the time.
      Luckily I have been using photobucket for a few years only and I posted pictures from there only on DoA, but I feel the pain of those who have used Photobucket for decade - that must be really painfull to correct all the links :doh.

      Now there awaits the funny part to correct links to my new Flickr account.

      EDIT: Big thanks to DoA admins that you let us know about the change! :thumbup:hug:
      I found out that the message from Photobucket was automatically redirected to spam folder in my google account:XD:, so it would took me longer to notice why the links to pictures are broken without your help.
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    10. Yes, that's exactly what I did. :) (I posted in "Ask the Mods" and that's what I was told to do about them.) I just reported the post as "please replace image" with the new BBCode from Flickr for each one, and I think most of them are done now. Luckily, I didn't have too much in locked threads....
    11. Oh, well if they told you to do that, then I guess I will try it too. :) I'll start with the newest posts and if it gets to be too many, I'll stop. :P

      Probably won't start on it just yet... still working on tidying up some of my other stuff.

      I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my older photos were actually fine because I posted from deviantArt, not PB. Will probably be doing that mostly from now on (in threads that will eventually be locked).
    12. No point in having an bucket account now, Who will join me in closing their accounts and boycotting the bucket forever?
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    13. I have an Ad-free account so I think it's good until my renewal date in September, but I am updating llnks as fast as I can and will certainly close the account ASAP!
    14. It is unfortunate. Ever since PhotoBucket messed up and redirected forum users through one of my hosted photos to an "adult" content ad spam site, I have cut ties. That was terribly embarrassing and infuriating.

      I don't know what happened to them, why such poor business and security decisions have been being made, but at this point it will be for the content consumers' good to abandon them despite the inconvenience of moving our photos elsewhere. :|

      My sincere thanks, DoA, for the big bright notification and for understanding it's not us users being dummies. :...(
    15. So, their making people pay just for uploading photos?
    16. Man this sucks. If you don't have a PC (like me) then Flickr is impossible to use for posting doll photos to here. I've tried and the share links they don't work and the full website runs like dog poop on mobile. I have to use Tumblr for all my sales posts and that sucks :doh
    17. Try postimage.io. I was able to post a photo with my phone.
    18. I'm finding that it takes me less time to right click and download all of my old images directly from the old thread than it does to download the recalcitrant PB album. I have verified that I am not a robot so many times that I'm starting to feel like a bot.

      Reiterating for people trying to decide where to put their content from now on that WordPress is super easy to use from your phone. You can build an entire site via mobile!
    19. Hang on a sec... okay I've re-read this thread, and I was under the impression that our buckets would still have our photos in them, we just won't be able to share them. Did I read this wrong?
      If so, are they nuking everyone's accounts, like wiping all the pics from existence? I work this weekend so I don't have the time to dedicate to re-saving pics right now (3-11:30pm shift woo). Is there a set date where accounts will be "locked"? Just a few weeks ago I had an issue of being locked out of one of my buckets (there are three)...
    20. You just won't be able to link them. They will still be there.
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