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Pic of the new Volks store location in Torrence..

Oct 30, 2005

    1. I drove by there today...not much to show yet though, its in a pretty nice area with mostly warehouses and stuff...
      anyway here is a pic, i will drive by once a week or so to see if i can see something else :)
    2. Thanks for the photo ^^ Did you see what the parking situation was like?
    3. :D

      I wish I was going...you guys have fun now!
    4. Thanks for the photo, it looks so different from the one on their website. *_*
      I wonder how big is inside.

    5. From the looks of it it's probably one of those warehouse plaza in Torrance... Parking should be abundant. :grin:
    6. remember some of the photos on their website are the Volks Salon/Mansion which is a different building/area.

      I'm so looking forward to seeing more! Poor Volks, we are stalking them.
    7. I will check out the parking situation next week, i had my hubby with me,so i didnt want to take too long...:) I wonder where that Mansion thingy is....time to do some stalking..hehe
    8. "Volks USA Inc."

      There's just something so cool about that... :daisy :grin: :chibi
    9. *circles around building like a vulture* >3
    10. a drive by stalking ... mmm ... I would be in the car with binoculars!
      This is so exciting and I am thrilled for all those able to attend.
    11. I went also today after my work. :grin:
      It's night time, so hard for me to take pictures....
      INSIDE of 1F

      I think inside is REALLY SMALL!! :barf
      maybe can fit 30 people or less in 1F
      But I saw a stair to 2F so maybe it's 2 stories shop?
      (It's a 2 stories office building. When I was there, 2F had light so they might still working?! and 2F is bigger than 1F about twice size I guess.)
      I also saw the blank shelfs. :oops:
      About parking, you can't park to the curb because it's restrickted.
      Parking lot is not big but it's around the building (3 sides).
      You can find a space nearby without a problem.

      And it's a business/industrial districk so there's nothing around there. :|
      From Volks, it's only 5 minutes drive to Mitsuwa, where you can eat....
    12. ah neato. those places are hard to find :oops: i have a ton of buildings that look like that near me. i hope everybody wont be squashed in there
    13. This is too funny - stalking a building...
    14. What's really funny is that I'm stalking a thread about stalking a building. :D
    15. ...ooooh...now we can ALL join in the stalking of Volks USA even if we're across the country! lol How cool!!
    16. when exactly does this store open?
    17. thanks. i figured there was one of those. just couldn't find it... search hates me.