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Picking eyes

Jun 4, 2010

    1. OK I REALLY hope this is the right place for this but I have a question. I haven't bought my first doll yet but I want to buy a Soo from Luts and my summer is being spent raising the money to buy her. I'm going to wait till I have around 600 or 700 though so I can buy the wig, eyes, and clothes I want for her as well as afford the face up (not going to do it my first time, want to just work my way into the BJD world slowly xD)

      but my question is 1) Is it recommended to buy the eyes from Luts since I want to buy my doll from Luts? 2) What types of eyes are recommended? Glass, Silicone or Acrylic? And what are the differences between the three different kinds?

      again sorry if this is the wrong place! D: I feel so new around here.
    2. You can buy eyes from wherever you want. Since your getting your doll from Luts, you might want to buy eyes from there just because it's convenient. Though I'd really suggest checking out the marketplace when you can. There's so much to choose from and really great prices compared to Luts or other doll sites.

      As far as what type, it's all very subjective. Many people prefer glass for it's realism, I know I prefer glass all the way. Acrylics aren't bad either, though you gotta be careful and not to buy too cheap of acrylics as they can be kind of flat looking. I've had one pair of silicone eyes and the color was nice, but I didn't like the shape of it. Though I've only had one pair, so it might just be the pair I got.
      There's many discussions on the differences of eyes, even in the glass area there's different makers and some are just amazing looking. I'm sure someone else can point you in the direction of those links (I don't have them off hand, sorry). For starting out, I'd say try glass. They seem to be a favorite. Good luck.
    3. I would definitely buy eyes together with her from Luts if I'm on a budget and trying to save shipping. However dolls can wear almost any eyes regardless of brand.

      Types of eyes are a very personal taste, and my favourite is urethane eyes, particularly ED. However I own several beautiful pairs of glass eyes as well. I'm not a fan of acrylic eyes as they look a little too plasticy for my tastes.
    4. I find eyes to be one of the easiest things to shop for in the land of BJDs! Mostly because they are inexpensive and there's tons to choose from. I've never purchased a doll from Luts, but usually you get a wig and pair of eyes for free when you get a full doll.

      Is there a really specific color you would like to find? And are you looking for more natural or anime-ish eyes?
    5. I usually order eyes with the doll or buy off the DoA Marketplace myself. Acrylics can have nice patterns but I find alot give a "dead" or very "doll" look. I prefer glass because they catch more shine to me, and have a more realistic look - they way they shine imitates the way humans eyes do due to the moisture we have on ours. She'll come with acrylic eyes as someone pointed out - so if you dont have a specific colour in mind you could always wait and see what defaults they give you. Good luck picking. :)
      Oh, and luts dont give wigs with dolls, except sometimes as part of their events when you spend so much.
    6. thanks for the advise so far its really helping me figure this out xD

      Anneke: i know but I sort of know what eyes and wig I want for her already so I thought I would order them along with her and hey if on the off chance she comes with the same wig and eyes I want then I have extras just in case.

      but I was thinking more realistic in a light blue... so from the sounds of it glass is the type I want to look at.

      Apricot: Thank you for that xD I Just figured out the wig bit after you said it! Now this assures me I'm ordering her a wig to go with for when she gets here : ) thank you very much!
    7. That's the color eyes I'm looking for for my doll, who I'm also ordering from Luts, so I know your situation. I've seen blue eyes in acrilic, silicone, and glass, and glass seems like the best option. Also, if you don't really find what you are looking for from Luts, might I suggest SafrinDoll? That's where I'm ordering my boy's eyes, and since it's in the US-where I live-I won't have to pay the crazy EMS shipping! That, and they offer free shipping for orders over $25, which is awesome!

      Oh, and you might want to check the Luts site! If memory serves me right, and you order during the event, dolls ordered will come with glass eyes! However, you may want to check and make sure.
    8. Ethra: THe doll I want comes with acrylic : /
      and thanks for the tip! I'll check out their site : )
      I just wish I could see what the eyes look like IN the doll (why I'm having a hard time picking)
    9. Happy to help.

      I actually had that problem too, but Safrin shows pics of what the eyes would look like in a doll's eye socket. While it may not give you an exact idea of what the eyes would look like in the Sculpt you are getting, it should help quite a bit. I know it helped me!
    10. Yeah it does : ) they look sort of... well fake (Cause they are) just as they are, putting them in a socket helps give at least the shape and feel of how they might look on my doll.

      thanks again, to every one who helped I think Ive figured out what eyes to get now <3
    11. Awesome! Do you have a link for the eyes you want to get? After all this discussion I'm excited to see which ones you wound up choosing :D
    12. Wow, you unwittingly helped me find the PERFECT pair of red eyes for Yumeko! :o:D Thankie!
    13. Nice pick Cheshare :) It'll be great to see your doll once it's all put together!
    14. Yumeko: oh uh glad I helped you xD

      Anneke : ) Thanks, I cant wait either... so close to having enough (shes going to cost me between 500-600 with clothes, wig, shipping eyes and face up and ive got close to 300 now)
    15. Hello there :) I know this is kind of off topic, but if you want an SD sized doll you can stick with the Luts Delf Soo. But If you want to spend a lot less, Fairyland has a MiniFee Soo. It is the same mold, but at a MSD size. I am planing MiniFee Soo as my third doll. She is really great ^-^. Here is the link http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=56 Good luck on picking out good eyes!
    16. Shainingu: thank you for the link thats actually really interesting : o I wasnt aware that another brand carried her (again Im VERY new to this hobby though Ive been in love with these dolls for a good two years)

      the thing with me though is I want to have at least 10 dolls when I'm done, their based off the characters in my story so I want to keep them around delf size so they will all about match.

      But thank you though! : )
    17. Thats cool ^-^ I'm still saving for my first 2 dolls myself! But fairyland carrys Minifees, which are MSD sized Delfs(SD) XD
    18. Saving for them seams like the hardist part so far xD though I really lookfoward to getting my first one.

      and I saw : o its an interesting concept but personal choice I supose
    19. Just some help on choosing clothes...
      Dollmore had really cute clothes, at an affordable price. Their Dolls are amazing also, and come with eyes,wig,underwear and the company is known for their free gifts ^-^ Free shipping at $700! Im getting my first two dolls from dollmore! They offer custom faceups too! www.dollmore.net