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Picking Favorites

Sep 28, 2011

    1. I was thinking about-... well the same thing I always think about, dolls! Which led to me thinking, Do you pick favorites with your dolls? Or do you have a 'mother' competency and love them all equally?
      If you DO pick favorites, who is it and why?
    2. This is a tough question, because I do tend to cycle through my group and spend time with different ones depending on what my mood is. Different dolls fit into my other interests -- I have a couple girls who wear lolita stuff, a couple steampunk dolls, some OCs from some fiction that I wrote, some fan dolls etc, so it all depends on where my mind happens to be at any given time.
    3. My newest doll is my favorite until they have settled in, then I like all of my dolls equally. They each have their own personality so I think each one is unique and special. But if I had to keep only one.......... The choice would be agonizing! Thankfully, I'm not going to go there!
    4. Much like Taco, I kind of cycle, depending on my mood, or what modifications who needs next (face up, restringing, tattoo, etc...) or who needs new clothing or eyes or a wig or whatever the case may be. So I don't really pick favorites per se, but I vary which ones I play/spend time with often.
    5. I feel bad now, but I do have favorites! :sweat The first two that I bought are my favorites (Methias and Julian), and I am going to guess that they are so because they were my firsts. I love all my others, of course, but they're just a tiny bit more special, I suppose. They have longer, more detailed backgrounds and whenever I take any outside it is those two.
    6. Right now I only have one doll that's actually complete (I buy 'em faster than I customize :P) so he is, of course, my favorite ^^

      However I can envision what they all will look like eventually and I think once they are complete I'll be similar to Kurogane ^^
    7. I have a favorite, he is my first doll and I just have a love for him like nothing else. I think its because of all the years I'v waited for him, and that I find him as the perfect doll :) As for the rest they are all loved equally.
    8. oh I have favorites. I don't even pretend not too. Anyone can tell which ones they are by the amount of photos I take of them, that they get handled more and taken places all the time...and the amount of clothes they have vs my other dolls. Pretty much any doll named Alex is my favorite. Among them, my first doll and my Leeke D are my favorite Alexes. The rest of my dolls may be close seconds, but they are still seconds.

      Having a favorite doll isn't like having a favorite child...they aren't going to get hurt feelings lol
    9. crap! My first double post XD
    10. I definitely have favorites, and I also have a few I used to love that I don't really like much anymore. I'm hoping I'll eventually be able to look in my doll cabinet and love everything that's in there. But right now? Eh. My collection is a work in progress.
    11. I never thought this would be an issue for me, because I don’t play
      favorites with my OT dolls but I do seem to have favorites when it
      comes to BJD. One very specific favorite that is – as much as it pains
      me to admit it, I do play favorites with my BJDs and I am not proud of it. ^ ^;

      I think it’s because it is my most realistic BJD and has realistically proportioned
      body while I still find its head too big for its body it’s not typical BJD-like-proportions.
      It is still a realistic yet very idealized stylization that I find appealing (minus the
      head issue I don’t find melon-heads in mature males-dolls appealing). He is also
      my most “adult-looking” facial sculpt and the most realistic of my dolls based on OCs that
      I own so far, so I am pretty smitten with him and keep pimping him around all the time.
      I think the fact that I’ve worked on him for so long also has to do with me favoring him
      over my other dolls – I put a lot of my tears and blood into him, he is my pride and joy. (:

      - Enzyme
    12. I love my dolls equally, but yes I do have an aesthetic favorite..as well as a sentimental treasure. My Volks Tony is the doll I find the most attractive of my collection, and despite how I love all of my doll's faces, Tony's really the one who I would love to have more of, even if for no other reason than I purely love that mold. My DOD Wi, on the other hand, is the one I could never replace. Favorites.
    13. I have favorites. I think it's normal to. I heavily favor Hadrian and Katie over my others. They're the ones I spend the most time with, and have the most things.
    14. I do have favorites. Oddly enough, they're my "street kid" girls. I think it's because, currently, their characters allow me more freedom than the two boys I have home now who, while I could not love them more, have characters so set I can't even really change their clothes or even separate them without feeling like I'm not doing their characters justice. :D So, yeah, it was by accident but it happened. I think, overall, I love them all about the same but I know I grab the girls more and spoil them simply because I can get away with it. :D
    15. I have temporary favorites - that is to say I cycle depending on what factors influence me to work on them, pick them up, take them places... or if I'm just feeling guilty that I haven't picked them up in a while. Overall I love them equally, but once I got over a certain number it became too inconvenient to pick them all up and move them to sit with me.
    16. As with the posts above me, I think I cycle - even though I only have 2. When my second doll arrived, I spent a lot of time with him. Now that he's been here for around three months, I'm spending more time with my first doll.

      Most likely, it's because my second doll is a BBB, and the elastic he has makes it almost impossible for him to even sit up on his own.
    17. Saif used to be my favorite, but I think Epifan is edging him out because I've been beginning to edge towards more realistic sculpts. I don't get along with Muniya much and Quinlan, I haven't quite decided on his theme/look and being the tallest, I can't just rummage around for scrap and experiment on his clothing on a whim.
    18. Like the others above me, my favorites cycle around, but I do have 'all time favorites', which are my CP Chiwoo-who was my first doll-and my Dive Seimei. I don't really know why, maybe it's because my Chiwoo is everything I wanted in a doll and I love making outfits for him most, and my Seimei is my cuddly doll and he also poses best, and he is the sturdiest so I like taking him along. His character is also most like myself, I guess. I don't think it's wrong to have favorites, you like all your dolls, otherwise you wouldn't have them! It's just that some dolls are even more special than others ^^
    19. Agreeing with Raouken. I don't it's wrong to have favorites - even a mother has them - as long as you love them all. I cycle, although my Volks Williams and my Volks SwD Lucas always seem to be on top of the list. That doesn't mean I would ever sell any of the other though.
    20. I have favorites. Teddy and Knox are in constant competition for the top spot. Below them are Elliot, VC and Telstar. But even Tardis who always has the bottom spot (I even forget to count him most of the time) is still loved, my bjd family would feel like it was missing a piece without him.

      I have no problems with picking favorites. Even if I didn't acknowledge who my favorites were, I would still pick them up more often, play with them more often, photograph them more often. It would suck to have to go through and make sure everyone got equal time, and play with Tardis when I'm dying to change Knox's clothes.