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Pics of Anu's Hound for Haute Doll

May 25, 2005

    1. :o Ooooooo, pretty! I love Anu's clothes. I keep trying to remind myself that my Bermann will come soon... Hound's so gorgeous!
    2. I love Anu's work....^^
    3. So beautiful! I love Anu's work so much :chibi
    4. Very beautiful. Anu has a charm that can't be beat!
      I love the Voltaire quote.
    5. Thanks for posting...I've been wanting to see Hound with a different face-up (I think the one on the Luts site looks really "smirky").
    6. eek! I never really liked Hound before I saw that.. I think I want one now :crushed
    7. **oogle**

      **weeps from the beauty of it al**
    8. Oh, gosh.. With a personality like the one described, I think I might just have to have him! Of all things, why does an expensive fellow like him have to love French? :cry: I feel a connection starting already.
    9. I want that black lace top and necklace in my size.
    10. I agree, the blond version looks a bit too feminine for my tastes, but the dark one...hmmmmm...bet he reads Oscar Wilde too! :lol: Love the sculpt of his hands and the body blushing shown on the blonde Hound on Luts site, but am not crazy about that "Ruffles have ridges" look to his rib cage. Then again, that ensemble on the Haute Doll LE is so nice that I might not ever take it off if the dark Hound came to live with me. :wink: Ahhhhh, do you hear that?! Darn it! Its Heath murmuring to me all the from Japan..."You promised I'd be your first big boy...that I'd be the only one to brood and throw artistic tantrums for you!" Oh a promise is a promise, must not give into further temptation, must glue stick pages of Haute Doll magazie together when issue arrives if impulse can't be controlled! :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    11. o he is gorgeous! I love Anu's work sooo much!!