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pics of the Dolpa 12 Auction dolls.

Nov 20, 2004

    1. very cool! :D thanks for posting them!
    2. Those two look so cool !
      I prefer the male Michael becuase of those boots :P and he looks so much darker than the female Michael

      Thanks for the pictures Cassiel ! :D
    3. I wish they'd release a more obtainable version of Michael, insted of dangling these (admittedly gorgeous) carrots.
    4. Oh, they look cool. Michael head looks good as female too. For some reason the headmold reminds me of Jun's headmold. They're both round faced molds. But yeah.. Just random thoughts..

      Thanks for posting!
    5. Mmmmh, they´re both gorgeous. Especially the witch, her dress is so pretty. The boy makes me think of Captian Barbossa somehow. Must be the hat ^-^.
    6. Pretty. :cry:
      I must say, though, I think I like boy Michael better.
    7. Thank you so much for posting about all this!

      I think the Michael girl looks a bit like Jun as well.
    8. I can't believe that boy-Michael doesn't seem to be wearing a sword! His outfit isn't historically correct (shorts? without stockings?) but he still strikes me as a mine-version of one of the 3 Musketeers.

      "En garde!" *poke*
      He is pretty!!!! he is... perfect! O.o
    10. A girl with a Michael head? O_O When I look at that head mold I always see a boy, so it's just weird. Anyway, I obviously prefer the boy version. ^_^

      I expect they will eventually release Michael with the new body in a limited run as always. Which reminds me....I still need to get a new pureskin SD boy body for my poor Shion.
    11. The girl Michael is so odd, yet cute. Like zalem, I see a boy automatically when I look at the headmold. XD Maybe they should have blushed his/her cheeks more...
      But the new boy Michael! Gorgeous....
    12. I looked at the girl Michael several minutes wondering why he was wearing a dress. (Albeit a cute dress. ^_^)