New Doll Pie.B Head New released

Sep 25, 2020

    1. [​IMG]


      :aheartbeaPie.B Head

      -SD version of ‘Pie’
      - General sale product

      :aheartbeaSalmon White skin

      - Preorder
      - Until 29th SEP(Thu) 24:00

      The new Pie.B Head was released.
      She is the SD version of MSD 'pie'

      In addition, the sale of Salmon White Skin will continue until September 29th.

      Thank you!

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    2. Question: I guess "ancient coral" is like normal skin, but is "salmon white" like white skin? or like a lighter normal skin?
    3. Their "Antique Coral" is close to VOLKS NS I heard. I have "Salmon White" and it's close to Luts Real Skin White: white skin with pink tones.
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