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Pin head syndrome

Aug 13, 2011

    1. Darlings, as always, if this has been covered before in a better place then please forgive me and delete the socks off this little rant.

      But I just got my Dollmore limited edition Mortal Love Kasi Dan and although I adore him, he has a tiny little head. Big hands; and if you put his hand near his face you can't see his bleeding head for all the huge fingers!

      This isn't the first guy I've received with what I call Pin Head Syndrome. The new Dollshe boys have it, the Iplehouse elders may have contracted the disease and the Mecha Angels too.

      A head should be, as I remember it from art class, a seventh of the body length. Or seven and a half max. But these resin people are not even close to that. WHY?

      They take nearly MSD wigs. They look a bit silly. And I am unable understand.

      If this bothers you too, please rant along with me. If you're fine with it, please tell me why and wherefore. I would love to get a grip on this vexation.
    2. This is actually probably a General Discussion issue. ^^;

      At any rate, I actually prefer the smaller heads because a lot of dolls have the Bobble Head effect and it makes for unrealistic proportions when they're left sleeveless or even shirtless. Remember that wigs add bulk!
      I notice you mention head height whereas what bugs me the most is head width. The height issue can be attributed to the exaggerated leg proportions that the Asian aesthetic tends to lean toward. :)
    3. I rant with you! There are a few boys I like, but their heads are so small and narrow x.x Like Soom Sard.. Dollshe Saint.. ;.;
    4. I did think this was pretty much a large doll issue. I haven't noticed any pinheads in the mini or tiny crowds.

      But I agree that the width of the head is problematic as well as the length, to my eye at any rate.
    5. It's the one thing that for sure will have me selling a doll. I like larger heads, small heads makes me feel the creator was more focus on the body and less on the head. Also wigs tend to swallow pinheads. LOL. But I think the smaller heads are for thoes that like more realistic dolls overall.
    6. But I find these weird looking pinheads look very proportionate when photographed. I think the heads look far bigger in photos than in real life.
      Maybe that's why fashion models usually have all those small heads.
    7. There is a plus for the pinheads LOL.
    8. In sculptures the proportions are usually eight heads in a body. With dolls there's the problem where the wig adds quite a few cm to the overall size of the head, so if the doll looks good naked and bald, it usually looks bobble-headed when you put a wig on.

      Iplehouse dolls have heads that are, in comparison to the body, a tad too small, but with wig, they look just right (especially in pictures). Then again, Iplehouse could very well have used epic proportions for their EID SH body (9 heads in a body), to underline the superhero effect, but I'm not sure.
    9. I think I was especially cheezed off with poor Kasi Dan because Julian, my HM Omicron, had fallen in love with his photos on Dollmore and wanted a relationship with him. Well, you have to give a HyperManiac everything they want, so out went a grand for good old Dan.

      And when he arrived the other day I knew they couldn't actually work together. Hypers have what I consider normal heads in proportion to their bodies. The boys look completely wrong together.

      Still, I think it could work at an unrequited love affair on Jualian's part. And Kasi Dan will live alone as a happy heartbreaker :P
    10. Yes hypers are quite modest being a absolute size 9 head.
    11. Well, I've got a Minimee head in relationship with a Volks F16 head XD

      It bothered me terribly for a while, especially as the F16 head is 9-10. Her sister is an Iplehouse doll with a 8-9 head, closer to 8 inches really, and it all looked off.

      Since then, I've changed my mind rather. It is tricky because the Volks doll I have - Williams, Anais and the F16 - all have larger heads. The 'second wave' dolls are more realistic up to a point. My Iplehouse Denzel's head is small and Williams looks like a pumpkin head standing beside him.

      I don't have any Hypers, so I'm not sure how they'd look. I do feel that certain dolls may not be compatible because of the difference in style. But then, they are *your* dolls; in the end, you are the one who decides what sex, age, etc they are.
    12. This is what drove a Souldoll JinWoo and a Souldoll Kanguk out of my house . . . I just couldn't live with the pinheadedness. For some reason, I can tolerate it with the new Dollshes, maybe because they're so Mannerist in general that I don't expect them to have (what I call) "dolly proportions."

      But other than the Dollshes, I strongly prefer the old-school BJD proportions, with bigger heads relative to the bodies.
    13. I love dolls with smaller heads myself, and I do agree that a lot of the time, the wigs add some visual weight to the doll with those kinds of proportions. I have a hard time liking dolls with larger heads in comparison. I think I just prefer them because they look more mature. However, finding good wigs for my dolls is a pain in the rear. D: The upside though is that most of my big dolls can share eyes with my MSDs.
      However, it is a problem when I really like a mold, but the head is giant compared to my other SDs. It so far has not ended happily for the new doll. T^T
    14. Ah, I was rather concerned that those two wouldn't be visually compatible, but I didn't want to jinx it before he arrived!

      I find that the default eye size is the measurement that gives me the best sense of whether or not a doll will look pin-headed next to my existing dolls. The house rule is no eyes smaller than 14mm (and we have to still see some sclera!) otherwise they just look too alien. The rule used to be 16mm, but the collection has expanded to the point that the smaller-headed dolls aren't in the extreme minority.

      Still, no super-realistic dolls for me. It's nice to see the proper amount of shoulder in a headshot, but in general I don't find realism to be my primary aesthetic criterion. I guess Dollshe's don't bother me because Bermann was the first doll into the house, but the new Orijean and Rosen haven't arrived. Maybe they won't stay?
    15. Well, the adventure entails a bit of learning from mistakes. I've been lusting after old school Volks tonight. My personal criteria is a 9-10 inch wig size from now on (except for the Super Dollfie Cutes, of course).

      I still love the atmosphere of the Glamour Model boy, but he sits there with the other guys and just looks...odd. Beautiful, but odd.
    16. I tried to stay away from realistic dolls, but failed terribly, so I had to resort to plan B. Now, I have two storylines: one for the more doll-like dolls, another for their realistic counterparts.
    17. I used to hate the pinheads, I'm definitely a fan of pumpkin heads, but I find that if you use a wig like a Monique Ginger (the curly wig), Faux Fur wigs (for guy dolls) or Tibetan Lambswool that has a fair bit of body, it tends to balance out the head A LOT. I took my Spiritdoll girl to a meet-up and was complaining about her head and no-one could see what I meant until I took her wig off then everyone went "ohhhhhhh". The wig added a lot of size to the head. It will be interesting for me soon however, because I ordered a Clarice and have got totally the opposite direction and bought the ultimate pumpkin head. It will either get me totally hooked on big heads again or I'll decide that I don't like pumpkin heads.

      There does appear a trend to minimise the size of heads lately though. Some of the Sooms have been really small. I've got Sabik and I quite like the size of his head on his body. He's a 9-10 but I've had a couple of Super Gems where I felt the head was getting a little too small for the body. Ditto with the Iplehouse. I've only got Akando on an EID body (2 in fact) and they look fine to me, but the Luna head seems too small for the EID female body. Spiritdoll heads are fairly smallish for the body, the exception being the original Akando who is similar to Dollstown in head size. I bought Dollmore Kyle years ago and sold him due to being a pinhead. I haven't looked at the Glamour Models for that reason as well.

      I'd like to stick to a 9-10" head size but gave up after a while. There just aren't many companies making 9-10" heads for SDs any more and I ended up liking too many dolls with 8-9" heads. I would suggest that before you write off your couple, try a longish faux fur wig for his hair, I never liked that style of wig until I put it onto a pinhead. It may be all your couple needs.
    18. I really like the smaller more realistic 'pin' heads for the boys :) I hear what you're saying about the large hands near the pin head though, because I had this issue with my Lati Red...I think his head was well proportioned with his torso, just his hands appeared huge when I photographed him, I didn't notice it irl (they were so beautifully sculpted). My Souldoll boy has a small head too, but he wears jointed hands, so I try to put his hands in minimalist poses so they don't look so disproportionate in pics. I also use the fur wig trick to make his head look bigger when he is with my other dolls with bigger noggins ;)

      The smaller headed dolls often have smaller eyes too (both of mine did, anyway) which makes them look even more pin headed next to dolls with bigger heads!
    19. My Supia Rosy has a really small head, as does my Iplehouse Silvia. I guess I've gotten used to them so it doesn't bother me as much as it used to but in general I do prefer a larger head on my SD-sized dolls. I tend to put both of my girls in wigs with more volume to them and that helps offset their smaller heads.

      I'm glad to see a post about this issue~I thought I was the only one who had noticed this!
    20. My Supia Roda was the first of the pin-headed interlopers with her size 7-8 head. >__> She was saved by her 16mm eyes at the time. ^_^