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Pipo X Puki

Apr 26, 2008

    1. I'd like to see any pipo next to any puki, just to see their difference of sise ><
      does anyone have those two dolls?
    2. sorry Im familiar with a lot of tinys ...who is Pipo
      Pipos Namoo ?
    3. I'm talking about Pipos from Piposland.com

      oo (I'm not interested in the smaller ones)
    4. Edit: This might be more appropriate in the Picture Request section for dolls, since it is a request for a photo comparison.
    5. I have both , so can take one
      Im just doing a shoot now for my wigs so I can do another :)
    6. Oh wow Tinybear~! Your wigs are always so cool! and your Puki is so cute too!
      Which Puki is that? I have such a hard time telling the molds apart... ^_^;
    7. thanks Grynne
      thats my Piki - love that little one ..I never thought I would like the ears ..but she instists on wearing them at all times LOL
    8. Yeah, I would love more shots of Pipos dolls interacting with other mini dolls~ I love the Pipos Bao.
    9. Anyone have one of the tinier ones too? I'm torn on Puki's and a Ringo ¬.¬ It's just WRONG for all these little tinies to be so cute. ITS NOT RIGHT.
    10. here is a picture of my pipos bingo and a puki
    11. That's perfect, thanks wilkies! Your Bingo & Puki is soo cute, I love that limited blushing.
    12. love the face-up on your Puki Wilkies

      ...these Puki are so addictive ...I just recieved a Pong today OMG SO cute !
    13. the kitty is a good poser, so are puki's, I am getting a pong to, I bought my pipi from naiara she is cute.
    14. It's wonderful to see these comparisons. It's so helpful. We need more animals with Pukis. I'm a bit biased, sorry... *ggg*
    15. oh I got Ringo and Puki pipi, in human form and kitty form
    16. I Love the pictures!!!

    17. OMgosh! These are all so adorable. Adore the calico kitten and her little Puki friends, luv*it and wilkes Bingo & Puki are too cute.
      YOu got a Pongtinybear? I admit to being sorely tempted by that one. Piki's freckles are so cute.
    18. guys, did you add these to the pic comparison thread sticky? it would be great if you would!!!!!!