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[PIPOS] 2009 PI line-up and 1+1 event

Mar 25, 2009

    1. Hello! Den of Angels Friends!
      How have you been?
      I'm happy to announce that we've just finished our 1st re-newal project.
      We introduce our 2009 line-up Soon. (PI, this time ^-^)/.
      Please give him a warm welcome.

      Thank you very much!


      [ Go to the PIPOS ]
    2. Hello^-^ Only Baha this time! He's the first re-newaled doll.
    3. Silly question...

      After the 20th of April will we still be able to buy the new Baha? is it just until the 20th that we will get the free event head?
    4. Hello^-^ You can purchase Baha, Heero, Curo, Bao, Mac only during 10 days. Thank you >3<
    5. So are there going to be no none-limited Baha's released?
    6. Is the "friends lineup" in the actual order they will be released?
    7. Hello^_^
      From 2009, we select special due date for ordering dolls (even if it's basic dolls..)
      Baha, Curo, Heero, Bao, Mac will be released this time order.
      Thank you >3<
    8. Hello^-^ Yes, they'll be released at the same time! and Curo, Mac, Bao as well.. Thanks!
    9. You get a full doll (what you ordered) and an event head if I understand it correctly.
    10. Hello^_^ we've just updated!! please come and see!
    11. Can you tell us if the beige resin colour available on the renewal Bao is same as the old ivory colour that original Bao was? Thank you!
    12. Sorry if this isn't the place to ask but, how often does Pipos get new stock in? I really want to get one but they all seem to be out of stock. D:
    13. That's because they're working with ordering periods now. So dolls were available from April 9 to 19 then all of them went out of stock and you won't be able to order them until the next ordering period. Only Basic Chesire and Basic Dali are available all the time...

      Unfortunately we have no idea when will they be available...:(
    14. Hello^_^
      We're going to release our BASIC PI on Dec. or early of next year.
      But we're not sure when it will be.

      Thank you!