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Pipos A Midsummer Night's Dream Series 2 Discussion!

Feb 10, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      News Thread | Pipos Site

      Eeee, more R.Pi's! With ARMOR! Can anyone tell if that's a Demon or a new mold? :D
    2. I'm thinking it's a new mold. I'm hoping for a set of bunnies maybe? EEE that would be amazing, I'm quite excited about this!
    3. Oh darn I think I see another layaway in the future.. unless the molds really aren't agreable with me but damn it's PIPOS what's not to love...

      Wait I thought it was another Alice thing but it's the Midsummer II... mmm yeah I do think it's a new R.Pi. sculpt... can't really make out what it is.... I've angled my Charlotte in the same view and well... not sure if it's the same base for the head or not. The armor is awesome sauce though
    4. And if those bunnies were wearing armour? Beyond amazing! :fangirl:
    5. I'm wondering if they're bunnies or maybe foxes. :O

      I almost hope bunnies, since I've bought a lot of dolls lately, because if it's a fox, I am SO doomed.
    6. If it's a fox... I'm beyond lost. I already have two foxes and always have room for more.
    7. Shortly after the first release, I asked Pipos if they would be interested in making some sort of mink, ferret or ermine set of anthros. I mean, they are incredibly cute and no one has made any. I didn't get Charlotte since I'm not a cat person, and it's always a disappointment when they are always cats!

      Whatever it may be, he looks more like Demon to me than a new sculpt. I can't wait to see all the details. I wonder if we're getting a girl, too!
    8. I would *love* a girl in like a Roman outfit.
    9. Looks like Demon to me. I like the armor, but I'm very interested in seeing the basic if it IS a new doll!
    10. I always like seeing new molds from pipos :D . I'm pretty sure its new... :sweat
    11. I think it's a dog or a fox, the snout looks long for a cat, but I'm not sure. I don't know what I want...I agree that I'd rather it not be a cat, they need more species. ^_^
    12. I can see it being a cat, but it could also very well be a dog or fox! (Most likely a fox, the snout's rather narrow.) I can't wait to see more!
    13. I'm still hoping for it to be that Ermine I asked for, but that's probably just wishful thinking on my part (though it would explain that long and thin snout.)

      A fox or any kind of canine would be a delight, though.

      Oh, hey! Since this series is based on the Midsummer's Night Dream, we might get a donkey doll eventually. :lol:
    14. Fox or wolf, maybe? Although the nose looks a bit more triangular like a cat or ferret...
      If they do a girl in armor, I'm so doomed >.<
    15. It does look like a fox. I wish they'd release a limited edition Rooney. I'd love to have a little evil bunny.
    16. While I'm not sure about fox, I do have to say that I think it's cannine. I don't think it could be a bunny, or a mink..The curve of the muzzle just seems a tad too deep for either of those. It's more dish shaped.. But the forehead is really prominant, and that makes me think it isn't one of the cats.. The eyes do fit for a cat though. Whatever it is, it has erect ears.. The kind that fit for a cat or a fox. /tottally didn't lighten the picture in photoshop, nope, not at all X3

      ...I'm hoping for a wolf, personally x3 But that's probably just my wishful thinking.
    17. At first I thought it was a Bao, but then I held mine up to the screen to compare, and I think Bao's nose is a lot more pointy than the new doll in the picture. Can't wait til we get more pics though :D
    18. Personally, I think it's Demon, the curves of the face look very similar to his promo pictures. I'm cool with that. Though I do love the canines, I do love my Pipos kitties. However, I'd like to be wrong! Something new is always interesting! Either way, I'm digging the armor, and I can't wait to see more!
    19. I honestly think it is a new mold too. I would guess fox or maybe a wolf. But we'll see soon enough. I still want to get me a demon one of these days. I wonder if this guy will go on my wishlist too! How I love Pipos....:D
    20. I don't think it's Demon. Demon has noticeably round cheeks with a wide mouth, this new one doesn't appear to. The eyes look a little droopier than Demon's, either.