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Pipos: Alice in Nightmare Discussion

Aug 12, 2010

    1. So!

      Alice in Nightmare!
      I am loving this new rabbit! So creepy!!
    2. me too, I wonder if its grey resin or purple. But he looks indeed cool. Can't wait ^___^
    3. I *THINK* he is grey. But that is my speculation. Oh my oh my, you think they'd do another Cheshire or Cat type? I am so looking forward to that it's not even funny.
    4. I can't tell if its details are sculpted or just a result of an awesome paint job! Pipos always has the greatest faceups!
    5. They do they do! Their LE has ridiculously detailed paint jobs with tons of colours and super gorgeous <3
    6. ohhh love this rabbit too !!!
    7. I can't wait for pictures!!
    8. Ack I love this new rabbit! :D He's so sinister, and yet so adorable! xD God, Pipos, whyyyy. (I still love you of course.)

      I can't wait for more pictures! Tell me, do you guys think they'll release a new R.Pi in this series as well?
    9. I am waiting to see the cat.. if it's a Cheshire with just as good a faceup as the Dali... I'm jumping on a layaway :D

      Errr wait a minite it's NOT a Dali... it's a new head sculpt!!! Nor Dali nor Curo have buck teeth

      WOW new sculpt... can;t wait to see the cat :D
    10. Ya I was confused for a second. Oh is that a Dali? Did I miss something.
      I am guessing they will do a new cat sculpt too.

      Judting from the Shadow and size comparison if it is at all accurate I don't think it will be an R.Pi. It looks more like a Pi to me. But I could be wrong!
    11. I think I am most excited to see the new Alice, if in fact she will be an Alice??? What do you guys think?

      I also LOVE all of Pipos faces, and that bunny is crazy and amazing. I have a gray Dali.... I feel like this new Lavender right? bunny would look awesome next to her.

      I have checked the Pipos site like 5 times a day since I got the email about this new Alice line, just to see a peek of what any of this will look like. Did I mention I can't wait. lol
    12. Is that some w00t? That is lovely! I can't wait to see!!!!
    13. lavender skin awsome!
    14. Yeah, I can tell it's not an R.Pi - the arms are too short - but I hope they release an R.Pi rabbit soon! x3

      But omgggg LAVENDER. *___* That's going to be beautiful!
    15. \I wonder if the cat will be lavender too O.O
    16. I hope they use lavender and other interesting resins for all of these dolls!

      I can't wait for more pictures...!
    17. Having an interesting or other than peach / white color skin for Alice would be amazing. I seriously can not wait to see her.
    18. Love that bunny. Trying to find info on their layaway plans but I can't seem to find any on their site? I must be missing something.
    19. I agree with the alice lover I hope she isnt to pretty or I might need her X.x
    20. I did layaway when I got my Cheshire. I think it is a 3-part equal amount. ... you can pay off early if you like too.
      HERE is the information about layaway.