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Pipos ~ Alice in Wonderland series 2

Apr 23, 2009

    1. just saw the update:

      "Dear our guest and friends!

      This is notice for second series of Alice in Wonderland line-up.
      We'll show you the details soon.

      [ Selling Doll list ]

      ¢º Alice : PO-11
      ¢º Hat seller : PO-11
      ¢º Mice : Junior PI
      ¢º Cheshire Cat : PI

      Thank you very much!



      New Cheshire!!
    2. º Alice : PO-11
      ¢º Hat seller : PO-11
      ¢º Mice : Junior PI
      ¢º Cheshire Cat : PI
      another cheshire cat? oh and the mice could it be namoo????
    3. I'm quite excited by the fact that Alice is listed as 'Alice : PO-11'... could this mean we get a whole body this time? Something Po sized?
    4. http://www.piposland.com/shop/step1.php?number=730 you can see what i THINK is the prototype for the Mad Hatter and mouse doll in these Dali photos. Not sure if the mouse will be a new sculpt though as it's in the "Jr. Pi" catagory ... or if it'll be a non-anthro like in the pictures.
    5. Well, they have released two pictures of two 26cm dolls sometime last year. The same PO-11 for both Alice and Mad Hatter category lets me think that they may be these two (I think the one on the left looks like the Mad Hatter on the previous Alice pics^^):

      http://piposland.com/shop/step1.php?number=695 (see the pic labeled "Tiny doll")

      So it's possible that Alice won't be the same but a full new tiny doll this time...

      (and that would make me just soooo angry...they said that they don't plan any limiteds in the near future so I gave up my dream to get 'tiny-on-the-right-side' and now what do they do? Just when I've committed myself to another doll for that character.)

      Oh well I'll have to see the full pics, but if it's really him/her with a Docshul faceup I may have to revise my doll plans. I really hope that they show us some more pics very soon :sweat
    6. there is no measure of my excitement for this new cheshire and possible anthro doormouse. i can't possibly imagine what they're going to do next with the chesh, but i'm DYING to know!
    7. omg no.. i missed out on chesire the first round and now im broke they cant release another one =(((((
    8. HOLY CRAP the mouse will be mineeee! Oh i am so excited! unless, of course, its a tiny human, then f it >:P lol
    9. I want a new mouse in my house!
    10. oh man I wonder if the new cheshire is going to be similar to the shy version, since theres a pic of him in the thread. I'd totally have to get one if it was as I was so gutted I missed out on getting the shy version!
    11. I know i shouldn't but ... i have this awful feeling that i'm going to be ordering another cheshire ;p If the tiny mouse is a human i'll pass ... and i think i'm safe fom human MSD dolls too so ::fingers crossed for awesome cheshire:: I just hope they hold off selling these until May 1st when i have a little bit of money.
    12. ... oh wait, it says "mice" and not "mouse" ... does that mean there will be more than one kind?? or is it just a case of Engrish? ::bites nails::
    13. I think Pipos range of Alice in Wonderland dolls is adorable <3<3<3
    14. I wonder, whether Alice will be similar to previous one. I missed first sales of her head :(
    15. there's a new Anthro... the mouse?... :sighs:: I was wishing they would have done the unicorn ah well a mouse is exciting too.

      Are the Po are MSD sized aren't they?
    16. Well, the Mad Hatter on their previous Alice pics was a 26cm tiny. Maybe the PO is a general category for all their human-shaped dollies of all sizes^^
    17. i really dont want to miss out on another chesire! do they do layaway? has anyone heard rumors on when to be expecting them? (so i know how long i have to save?) lol ^_^ im way too excited
    18. Oh god a Pipos mouse :D My dream is coming true! I hope it's cute!
    19. I'm really hoping, judging by the photos, that the mouse may in fact be a Namoo recast. I've been told by their English rep. that Namoo was to be re-released months ago so I'm really hoping!:D
    20. Wow, how interesting. I am anxious to see the mouse.
      That would be nice if it was Namoo, I miss my guy and would love to replace him