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Pipos: Alice in Wonderland Series 3!

Sep 5, 2009

    1. haha omg those are totally awesome. They look crazed
    2. Great Cats ~~ Does anyone have any idea when they most likely will be offered for sale? and are the Limited ones limited to a certain number or just a certain time frame?
      Thanks for any help~
    3. Crazy faces! Much less evil/joky than the other line, I can't wait to see more :)
    4. I love the previous Cheshire series... and I'll have to say, these new Cheshires scares me... a little tiny bit. I think it's the teeth, they look like saw blades. XD Awww.. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I just hope they don't get rid of the regular Cheshires...
    5. when i loaded the page, not expecting any updates, i almost crapped my pants. they're FREAKY looking!
    6. What a relief... I don't want one! LOL!
    7. So, is it terrible that I am totally in love with them?
    8. i love them soo much.
      yeah they're freaky looking, but that's the cheshire for ya!
      I'm happy they changed it instead of just repeatedly making the same one in different colors and outfits (Though I do love the old ones).
    9. the teeth i dont mind. but the wide eyes kinda bug me. i really prefer the sly eyes better. i hope the other ones will come back or we will have an option or something -.-
    10. There seems to be a real departure from Baha and the first Cheshire here - see how the ears appear to be more pointed and set differently on the hed, and the hed itself is wider side-to-side, not so much top-to-bottom?

      I'm not entirely 'sold' - I'd have to see other angles to assure myself there was the depth in the sculpt I expect from Pipos...
      on the other hand, if they are releasing a basic in 'Cheese' resin? I am so in...:doh
    11. I suppose the heads will be compatible with the other cheshires right? I really want a new green "creepy" head for my Mint!
    12. I think it is the wide open eyes PLUS the teeth that makes them a bit unnerving.... haha. I also kinda like the eyes shape before... it's a more... sly and totally plotting something look to them that I simply adore.

      That being said, perhaps I just need to stare at them some more to let the look settle in. XD
    13. They're crazy looking! xD I personally like the old Cheshires better, but these ones are awesome too!
    14. Haha oh my goodness xD!! They're so devilishly creepy! I'll have to see more photos, but right now I'm totally digging their look. <3!
    15. Well, I totally want one. I am just thrilled that they came out with a creepier kitty! I hope they release basics of them too because I can't get one for awhile...I might want twins for all sorts of Cheshire fun! >w< I might even like these ones better than the last Cheshires...o3o;
    16. I like them. Hopefully the old and new Cheshire is available so I can get both. :fangirl:
    17. They amuse me :) I probably won't get one, but I do enjoy seeing their new sculpts. I can't wait to see the rest of the images.

      For anyone fretting over not liking the new sculpt, I'm rather certain 90% of the comments on the first cheshire when it was released was that it was creepy and disliked. Now everybody loves it :lol: Just takes some getting used to.
    18. xD omg

      Someone said they were less evil looking? WHAT? xD you gotta be kidding me.

      The other cheshire baha are like generally evil/naughty grin with normal teeth and fangs, this new ones are like "I'MMA KILL YOU AND EAT YOU WITH KETCHUP 8D "

    19. i want one so hardcore it's not even funny.
      J showed me, and for a split second i thought i was looking at something out of 'The Maxx'....
      Teaspoons came over yesterday and we were looking at them and she jumped when the page loaded.

      i want a doll that has that kind of affect on people XD