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Pipos' Baby Cheshire Cats

Dec 13, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Since these adorably sinister, tiny balls of cute are being released both in limited and basic next week, I thought they needed a discussion thread!

      Pipos site to order them.

      There are currently four variations revealed, and are being released in grey and mint green resin.

      It's been assumed that they will share body's with Ringo (Pipos' other tiny cat, also being re-released at the time of the Baby Cheshires).

      Now that they have been released, there are both basic and Limited versions of the now know as Naughty and Honey versions of the Baby Cheshires.

      The Limited versions are the minty and grey resin one's we've already seen and are running untill Jan 10. They come with outifits based off of the old Moody and Minty Cheshires and have DOCSHUL's amazing face-ups.

      The basic ones are being released in white and grey resin, and don't appear to be limited in any way. They have the option of face-ups by JOHANN.

      All versions come with the jointed tails and long Cheshire tails, and are magnetic.
    2. I just wish that I wasn't broke! Aren't they just adorable though...........
    3. You and me both, sadly. :sweat

      Pipos does offer layaway on all their orders, so I'm not giving up on getting one of these cuties. We have no ideas on their price, anyway.
    4. Oh my goodness...Unless these end up being insanely pricey, I think I am going to be forced to put one on layaway.

      I'm going to be watching the website like a hawk!
    5. Pipos just posted a whole bunch of info on the dolls! They are being released tomorrow and the basic versions are avalable in white and grey, both faces. No prices yet, and it looks like the run will last untill Jan. 10.
    6. I will be asleep when they release them (Australia time) so please, if you are in the northern hemisphere leave a baby cheshire for me!! LOL
    7. Woo hoo!!! One basic baby cheshire, coming home to me! :) I'm so excited!
    8. Oh goodness. I almost clicked yes to a limited baby cheshire, but EVIL EVIL Lati announced 2 hours before this morning that they are doing a xmas release now, arghghghghg. So I don't know what I'm going to do. So torn. But I'm SUPER happy the baby cheshires will be a basic now, so if I want later I can order one and get it face-upd the way I want. :)
    9. Evil Lati. Oh well, i am definitely getting Pipos. No Lati for me this time no matter what. I'm still waiting for my Aabie. Plus i can get more with layaway from Pipos then with Lati who does not do layaways :)
    10. Will Pipos do layaway for the limited baby cheshires? Since I'm so lati only so far I'm not familiar with layaways.
    11. Pipos allow 3 months layaway. Better yet, i'm waiting to see if DenverDoll will carry them, they do up to 4 months layaway and i don't have to pay for the high EMS ship. Fingers crossed.
    12. OH GOODNESS!! I had no clue. That would cause SERIOUS issues for my pocketbook. :(


      wowsers.... with pipos limited's do they do a set number or a time frame? Can I wait to order until the end of the month, or is there a sell out risk?
    13. I thought I didn't like the baby cheshire but then I just realize I don't like the limited, but the basics are ADORABLE. :>
    14. The LE ones are going to be sold untill January 10th, but I'm asking Pipos if the basic types are also limited. It looks like they aren't like the normal basic Cheshires, but I'm double checking. If I can wait untill February or March to order a little white Honey Cheshire, my wallet wouldn't be crying nearly as hard. (I already have a dream doll on layaway! And Pipos does THIS to me!!!)

      Speaking of which, I like the Honey type best, but which one do you prefer? And congrats on ordering one jupiterlilly!
    15. THANK THE MAKER!!!

      If they are on sale into January, I can wait and see what Lati presents us with and not be so stressed! Either way there will be a doll ordered as my birthday present to me, so this is perfect news!! Even the layaway thing sounds fantastic if I need to use that feature!
    16. That's great, now you can get your Lati and you Cheshire baby. :)
    17. i was really hoping they would make a tan baby cheshire like the larger Shy cheshire they released before. i think i will hold off this time around or maybe get the basic baby cheshire in white but im undecided now...
    18. Thanks Ellanie! These little guys are like a dream come true for me (although I had no idea about Lati re-opening as well...oh well!) I ended up getting the basic Naughty type in white. I have an idea about how I would like her to look - I've actually already for some eyes I want to try on her. I was really tempted to get the minty limited, but went with white based on how hopefully she will look once I find someone to commission.

      Does anyone know of good customizers for anthros?
    19. kathrynmary, I'm sure a beige one will come out eventually, possibly with the next Alice series. The beige resin is popular enough, and if the Baby Cheshies prove to be a success, they'll be releasing plenty more.

      jupiterlilly, I'm going to try to customize mine up myself, but I don't know of anyone who's good with anthros.
    20. Crossing my fingers that DDE will get these guys in.