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Pipos Baby Fox: Robin

Jun 21, 2008

    1. It does it does. :D I've been wanting Bao to be my first anthro, but if this is a baby Bao....OMG!!!!!
    2. I am laughing SO hard. I just made the statement a couple of days ago that the day baby bao is released I'm getting one. And like... an hour ago I paid for my MNF's new body. OH FATE! WHY DO YOU HATE ME?! /caps

      I am full of want! XD
    3. gah look like a fox (melts with love)
    4. WAUGH! It figures! *_* Well, I don't feel bad about selling my Baby Boy Ringo, now. I've been waiting for them to release a Baby Bao. ;_;

      (Any idea when the release is?)
    5. Aww..I am sooo sorry..

      I am also full of want....
    6. >.> What's a Bao? sorry i'm a anthro dollie noob. :sweat
    7. Bao is Pipos' Fennec Fox doll

      This is my Bao, Puccah
    8. OHH! very cute!!
    9. oooh, a baby bao, so adorable!
    10. Bwa!!! I knew this was coming! I just wasn't expecting it so soon! I'm gonna get one, there is no question, but it will be a while since I have a CP girl bod to pay off.

      I have the strongest desire to custom paint it to look like Lucario... XD
    11. Oh my gosh, you are brilliant. XDD *is a huge poke-fan*

      Any idea when the release'll be? I'm dying to know! 8D



      ( D~
    13. OH. MY. God. I need it. He's SO CUTE! I've been wanting a Bao for so long, and now! BABY BAO!!! *cry* Will have. :D
    14. Whuuuuuut. Oh fer chrissakes. I now need ringo rooney AND baby bao D<
    15. OMG just when I told myself I am going on a dolly diet...they strat selling these... and the cat shoyo AAAAAARGHHHHH
      how the hell can you save money with these people?
    16. So cute! I recently saw a fennec fox at the zoo and it was very cute too.
    17. omg baby bao!!
    18. OH OH! :o

      But at least the little ones aren't limited. But I may feel too tempted by a special set.. :sweat
    19. Woo! It's awesome that so many of us were wanting a little fox, and then they came out with it! And so fast, after the kitty and bunny, too! *_*

      Even from the half-hidden picture it looks adorable.

      I really love pipos faces and hands, but I wish they'd make a jointed torso, too.