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Pipos Baha shoes?

Jun 7, 2007

    1. What doll shoes fit pipos baha human feet? I really want some pretty shoes for my future kitty but i need to know what fits! Right now im mostly intrested in a mary jane pair, dollystyle
    2. Sweetiemi: They have 3cm feet, so they should be able to share shoes with Dollzone, happydoll, Sabi/Dabi and Idoll. Most of these places dont have many shoe choices though.. I think 32mm shoes would be the best size but they are hard to find.

      How soon are you getting your baha? I'm planning to order shoes for my Classic Ai once I get her and can measure her feet and I will probably add in a couple pairs of shoes to see how they fit on my Idolls. I'm hoping that i could at least make 37mm or 28mm work...
    4. I just bought two pairs of white sneakers from MsHatbox. They're a little big for my Baha, but they're not bad at all, and they're easy to get on and off. I believe she said to request Rini-sized sneakers, but if you PM her, she can tell you more.
    5. So, do the 28mm shoes work on Baha? Can anyone tell us the exact foot measurement please?
    6. The exact foot measurement is 2.8cm long, 1.7cm wide :)
    7. Madame Alexander shoes for the 8 inch type dolls of that type are a perfect fit for Baha.
    8. Oh, Madame Alexander 8" - THANKS!

      This is so hard, I always end up with the most difficult dolls! So many small shoes would be gigantic on Baha. :( His feet are short but wide, which also makes it hard. And many boots are the entire length of his leg. It's frustrating!

      I'm looking at some of the Hujoo shoes that Mimiwoo has on ebay they are 3.7 long and 1.5 wide, would these fit the width?
      She also has shoes that are only 2.8 long, would that really be too short? I suppose the only real way to find out is to spend the money and find out. :(

      Well, I guess I'll be posting soon then.
    9. I never pay more then $6 for my doll shoes. Just type in 34mm or 1 1/2" doll shoes and you will get tons of doll supply shops that sell them. The 32mm are to small and even though thier foot is 1 1/4" you need a 1 1/2 to fit well. There are a few eBay sellers but they are less expensive if you just Google it. And what ever you do don't type in 'BJD Shoes' at least 2-3 X the price, same shoes.