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[PIPOS] Baha tail !! Curo ear parts + News

Nov 16, 2007

    1. Hello :) DoA family !!

      By the customers request,
      we updated some new version of Dreaming Baha and option parts.

      Here we go !
      Now you can choose 4 kinds of ear parts.
      (And can buy only curo head parts ^^)

      More !!
      We added 4 kind of face-up option for Baha basic.

      This is Alice version of Curo and Baha :aheartbea
      They have new face-up including cubics !!

      Now, she's sleeping ~;)

      + Plus +
      We're going to release Baha tail (cat's) , Black Baha , small mouth standard Baha, Pink Curo , Dreaming Curo and so on.

      Here's Baha's new tail !!

      Keep your eyes on ^^

      Thank you for seeing this page !
      Have a great day !!

      :aheartbea [ Go to the PIPOS ]:aheartbea
    2. ooh the new ear parts are neat! does pipos have any plans of making floppy ears?
    3. Yes ^-^ We're preparing floppy ears, too.
      Thank you !
    4. Actually, we're making sleeping Curo. But I'm not sure when it finish.
      Thank you !
    5. Would it be possible...when ordering a baha or curo that you can get the sleeping head option with them

      Also what about half closed eyes :3 that would be so cute.
      ANd would the similar mold of the Halloween baha be possibly available in the future?

      Now I NEED a curo.
    6. So cute! Will you release Curo in new colours or pink resin too?
    7. Thank you very much for your kind advice !
      We're going to this matter under consideration.
      And Halloween baha mold is customed by Docshul.
      So, if we release half closed eyes, it can be slightly different.
      Nowadays, we're busy for new dolls but still have plan for pink curo.

      Thank you !
    8. + Plus +
      We're going to release Baha tail (cat's) , Black Baha , Pink Curo , Dreaming Curo and so on.
      Keep your eyes on ^^
    9. BLACK baha!! when when when! im so there for a black baha. i want one now:love
    10. We're trying still.. becuase black skin is difficult one. (marbling trouble.......:...( )
    11. the tail is an option part? We can buy a tail separately?
      My baha doesn´t have tail and I want it!
    12. Is there any chance that Pipos would consider making a puppy doll? Baha and Curo are very cute, but I'm truly a dog lover. :)
    13. I'm sorry but ;ㅂ; Baha tail is for new body. We're still trying to make tail option parts for former body but not good for sale now.

      And thank you very much for comment !
      We're always trying to realize customers advice.
    14. Those are terribly cute! Is there any chance that there will be a black Curo as well?
    15. that's great a black baha and a small mouse standard Baha, do you really mean a mouse? because I want a little mouse...............It would be great.
    16. Yep ^-^ small mouse like dreaming baha and black resin baha, later.
      Thank you !
    17. :( My poor Quinn. No tail for him.
      Will all NEW Bahas have a tail?
    18. A tiny mouse? Really? That'll be so cute!

      Is there any estimate when you might have the floppy curo ears done? I was going to get a curo with basic ears, but I think I'm much rather get the cute floppy ones. =3
    19. Maybe this is just me, but I'm reading 'mouse' and thinking maybe it's supposed to be 'mouth'? Because if they were adding a mouse bjd to their family (which I would completely love ^^), wouldn't Pipos give it a different name, rather than just calling it Baha?

      Just a thought :sweat.
    20. and dreaming baha does have a smaller mouth so that would make sense if thats what they meant...

      im just seconding the idea of a puppy doll ^^ i think it would be adorable

      any idea when the floppy curo ears will become available?