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Pipos Bao, what big ears your have

Jul 15, 2008

    1. Okay, so I'm preparing to buy a pipos Bao at Dollectable Con in San Fransisco this weekend. I'm hesitant though because of his ears. They look so thin and fragile in all the pictures, I'm afraid just the lightest touch will cause them to snap right off. Same with his tail, though there is less fear of that breaking. I'm so excited but so worried.

      Are the ears of the Bao really as fragile as I'm making them out to be?

      Oh, and if anyone has any other warnings for me, then that would be great.

      || Sorry if there is a similar thread out there. I looked and didn't see one, but I'm a bit blind at times. ||
    2. I'm a dork. I put "your" instead of "you". Someone please red pen/ correct that please. -Hides face in paws-
    3. Pipos dolls are pretty sturdy I think. My Baha is very tough. :D
    4. Thanks. That helps to ease this kitlings fears. || Now may be a good time to mention I consider myself a Demi-Furry. Don't kill me ||

      Baha's are cute. If I was a cat person I would get one, but I'm not... lol.

      Oh, one more thing... How tall are they in comparison to the human dolls? I still can't wrap my mind around a set of numbers.
    5. Pipos dolls are definitely sturdy and well made, i doubt that you'll have any problems.
      Baha's are actually cute, i didn't like them at first, but now i do. I have a Ringo, who is totally adorable. Ringo is 15cm, Baha is 21cm and Bao is 22cm
    6. i have a bao. ears are pretty solid and i cannot see them breaking easily.
    7. Would a picture help? LordHelmet from our Houston group has a few Pipos, including 2 really cute Baos. I think I have a pic of one with a DoC Too somewhere.
    8. a picture would be amazing. I saw one of a Bao next to the Doll Factory Fox, which helped greatly, but still...

      Dun want my mum to freak out when I bring him home... XP
    9. My Bao's ears are very sturdy. The resin's fairly thick where they're joined to the head. I don't recommend dropping one onto a hard surface, but other than that, with a reasonable amount of care it should be fine.
    10. [​IMG]
      It was taken by imhitomi, who owns the DOC Too.

      You can see more of the Bao and their other anthros (they have some zuzus and dz foxes too) in this thread and this one.
    11. Demi-furry? Interesting.

      But to reassure you I haven't heard ANYTHING about a Bao breaking its ears.
    12. I feel much better now. I would be mortified if my poor Bao lost an ear.
    13. Super glue is your friend.
    14. XP Yeah, it is.



      hahaha no worries, madame. as long as you take reasonable care with him, he shouldn't break. Skee (my pipos bao) is my baby; he goes with me to the meets and stuff, and i have dropped his butt SEVERAL times. he's still perfectly intact, and not chipped either.

      you'll really like him ^_^ he's a beautiful little doll...



      SUM BAOS. 8D
    16. The only thing delicate about Bao is the blushing on its paw pads, really. Those I'd look out for. I chipped the paint with my first five minutes of holding my Bao, I think. XP The resin is definately sturdy.
    17. is it not coated? i'm getting bao in a few months and I'm wondering if I should coat him in MSC to prevent chipping the paint/blushing.
    18. It's coated, actually with something a bit more substantial than MSC, a bit of a lacquer or something, but that's why it chipped and not rubbed. I think it adds like a bit of extra thickness that makes that happen. But I guess paint on the extremities of a doll is likely to be damaged, anyway. I think my first flub was while forcing a paw through a sleeve. I also got a couple slight rubs on the foot paws, but I guess I can't be surprised by standing making that happen.
    19. I had the same problem with my bao; ive only had him for a couple of months and most of his blushing on the tips ( like his ears, nost and fingers) has chipped off. But i too have dropped poor ra many a time and he's still safe, so I think yoll be ok! ^_^

    20. I have only had my doll since Saturday and he already has a very slight chip of his faceup on his nose.

      While these dolls are built to last, the faceup and blushing isn't. I'm going to see what I can do to remedy this...it's -extremely- slight. But it's still annoying to pay so much and have that happen. I wonder if possibly a wee bit of brownish acrylic paint would help his little nose.