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Pipos Basic Cheese Mouse

Jul 22, 2009

    1. News Article


      (Click the picture to go to the Pipos page)

      My thoughts: adorable. I desperately want one, but I have no money. ;__; Anyone planning on taking home this little cutie?​
    2. I want him so badly I cried when the other sold out, I hope this little guy has a longer selling period if he even has one because I want one more than anything in the world T_T
    3. i am so thrilled we have another cheese mouse! i'm tempted but the budget is YIKES right now!
    4. Good news for you! Denver Doll Emporium offers layaway so maybe you can grab one and take a little while to pay it off. I, too, want one since I didn't get the first one but I also want so many more things and I still want a Cheshire. I'm hoping they offer more Cheshire themed like Halloween, Christmas, etc. They are just too cool - those teeth and the evil grin especially! :)

    5. This guy seems like a real sweetie! I'm going to have to admire this one from afar, as I'm already waiting for another anthro and my finances insist, but I hope to see lots of action shots of this critter in the future~! :D I love the cheese chair.
    6. Does anyone know whether this second mouse comes with the cheese piece? I loved the first one, but didn't have the funds. I'm seriously thinking about this second one.
    7. Yes, it's optional~ It's painted differently from the original, though, if I'm not mistaken.
    8. The cheese piece isn't avaliable through DDE T_T

      But looks like my mom is planning on getting me one when the funds are avaliable because she fell in love with them XD I think I'll name is Brie X3
    9. I asked how long it'll be on sale, and Pipos said only two months. D':
    10. OK, so I just bought a Cheese Mouse form someone on DOA. I just paid for her so she has not arrived yet. I was thinking they are small, but I can't seem to find any dimensions for them. Can anyone help me out here? I would like to make her a sweater before she arrives. Thanks
    11. yarnbra you beat me to him!!!
      You have to look in the Pipos Manuals on their site to find the sizes. I don't remember offhand but I think it was something like 14cm including the ears?
    12. She is a little shorter, but can wear the same clothing as the Bingo and Ringo...can also do a Riley size sweater, but take about a half inch off the sleeves and body. Need the sleeve width to get it over her hands...

      Enjoy the knitting..
    13. T___T NO! Not fair...I really want one of these little guys >_>
    14. I'm trying to save up for Halloween as well :) Halloween themed dolls ALWAYS kill me. :chocoberry
    15. *crosses fingers for pumpkin colored cheshie and maybe a little red devil* :)

      on the cheese mouse front, my boyfriend bought this guy for me for my birthday, i can't wait!
    16. This little guy is really cute!
    17. Lucky you! :] I can't wait to see him/her!
    18. Adorable! I actually prefer this to the original ~ even though it's usually the opposite as I adore Docshul's faceups. <3 I like how this one is less yellowish.

      Their price isn't too bad although I still can't afford him either way. ^^;
    19. I can't wait to see the Docshul version of this basic (part of their promotion to a few lucky winners), eeeeek!