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Update PIPOS Basic type Renewal Plan 2009

Jan 12, 2009

    1. I could be blind, and if it is a double post sorry. *but* I don't recall seeing this information here:

      More advance warning than 3 days on them discontinuing Robin and Bao would have been nice >< I loved those two T__T All well... I wonder what they have coming up in 2009...
    2. Is there any information if some of the molds will be released with new bodies or such? After all, some of them haven't been out long.
    3. Nope, and the only dolls currently available on their website are:

      Angel Loly (Limited)
      Maestro Baha (Limited)
      Dandy Boy Rooney (Limited)
      Rooney Basic
      Mango Basic
      Bingo Basic

      And that's it!! So they basically have 3 basics to carry them into the new year, and Mac was just released what 4 months ago? Sorry, I'm just a little upset that there was like no warning, else I would have tried to buy one during the big Christmas rush...

      Edit: Not that I'm upset at the company just upset at the situation :P
    4. I see! Thanks :) Well I don't think the person actually started a news post for it, just that general discussion post. Which is why I didn't see it(I'm sure there were others), nor did it come up in my search. If someone wants to merge it they can *but* to be honest it should be in the News section not the anthro discussion. As is it news worthy...