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Pipos Charlotte Discussion: clothes, shoes, and anything else!

Nov 21, 2010

    1. Haven't found a Charlotte discussion thread. :(

      I was trying to find a thread that particularly discussed what yosd or other clothing and shoes fit her. I believe a Pipos Charlotte will be my next doll to come home and join my crew. And since she'll be arriving nude :| I'll need to know what will fit her. I assume she is probably too petite/mature for standard yosd clothes?

      Also, please let's just discuss this beauty - anything at all! And don't forget to spam us!!!! :D

    2. Barbie dresses do fit... I have a few Jenny patterns I will try on her too... I'll post pictures. But yeah Barbie dolls do fit her... not sure about pants but dresses with a good amount of opening in the back will fit her (she's got a bigger butt than barbie LOL)

      I am making a few dresses for her so when I am finished I will post pictures.

      I also want to try and make a Fer like dress for her... but I need to find a good start up pattern first.
    3. A lot of Barbie clothes DO fit, which is nice. ^^ I'm eager to see what you sew, acexkeikai!
    4. Thanks I wish I had more time ^^;;
    5. Luts Honey Delf clothes fit wonderfully :) Here's my Charlotte, Adeline, in the Choco set :)

    6. Ooh! That's GREAT to know! Your Charlotte looks great! *_*
    7. oooh wow that set looks GORGEOUS!
    8. She has been on my wishlist for a while now. I am gonna bring her home as my next doll for sure! I'm seriously doomed because I went to DDE, and they let me hold one of their demon dolls. OMG if he's that cute in person, I can only imagine how adorable she's going to be. I really love their size.
    9. I am seriously considering getting one of these dolls -- somehow.
      More spam might help me make a decision . . .
    10. So far my girl only has two dresses; the limited one from Pipos that she came with, and one that my friend made by trial and error with my Charlotte on hand. xD But it came out really good.


      That's Satine in the dress my friend made. But her default dress is very versatile; by taking off the corset and replacing it with a ribbon it looks like a whole different dress!

    11. Oh man, I'm so smitten on the LE version. I'm so sorry I missed out on her. I love the outfit.

      I agree, I honestly think Charlotte is the next on my wishlist to come home.

      I'm glad to see her in a yosd outfit. It works rather well. Does anyone know what her measurements are compared to standard yosd dolls?
    12. I posted this in another thread, but here's my Charlotte in some Barbie clothes.

    13. What kind of cat is she supposed to be anyway? What breed? If any. The ears have to be modeled after a specific breed. Right?
    14. Has anyone found the tail to be an issue? (That's my main concern, I guess).
      And the ears remind me of a Chinese hairless, but then I don't know my cat breeds as well as I know my dog breeds.
      I just love her in the grey . . . .
    15. The tail is actually magnetic, so there's no worry of it fitting through clothing. ^_^

      I'm pretty familiar with cat breeds so...

      The only breeds that I might could see the ears lending their inspiration from would be the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex or maybe the Sphinx. However, these three do not have the normal fur that other cats have - Devons have a bit of a napped curl, Cornishes just have a thin 'down' coat and Sphinxes are hairless. Still, I do not think Charlotte and Demon are completely modeled after these guys - at least I imagine my limited Charlotte to have luxurious fur due to her striking facial markings and not the strange fur (or lack there of!) that the breeds I listed do have. XD
    16. Pantalaimon, thanks! I sort of figured they might not be fashioned after any specific breed but rather inspired by one or more. The IOS Jack is modeled after the Sphinx and it looks like a Sphinx.

      Regarding the tail part, the thing that bothers me most about the tail is that it seems like it's too high on her backside. I'm still battling whether or not to get the tail part when I order mine. I definately want the hand parts though.
    17. Thanks so much for these pics! I've been eying this girl up myself~ I'm debating between the white and grey though! Does anyone happen to have a picture of the two together? I wanted to see how dark the grey really is?
    18. No problem! ^^

      Actually, you can decide where the tail magnet will go, since as it is optional, you need to affix it to her yourself.
    19. For some reason I'm doubting it but I do know that some people have a gray Charlotte and a white Baha, there's a comp thread around somewhere. It's based on her posing abilityl, which seems to be quite outstanding!

      So, Pantalaimon, you mean to say that I would install the magnet inside her torso as well?
    20. Actually, the magnet is loose, so you pretty much would just tape it to the spot just above her butt. There' no place to actually attach it inside her torso.