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Pipos doll: New animals chat

Nov 30, 2007

    1. Hopefully placed in the right category ;)

      Hurray, finally Pipos has released their new dolls.

      There are Black Baha's, they have a tail, and now there is also the Baha with the small mouth.

      I really like the black resin btw. Maybe they will come with a black Curo as well. :aheartbea

      But what do you think about these new molds of Baha?
      I have the feeling that the eyes of the Baha's with the small mouth are a bit too droopy. Too sad. They are sweet though, and maybe it's personal, but I would love to see a Baha with more pointy eyes, and a less sleepy look.
      Hopefully they will also release the first mold of Baha in black (they say on the website it's an option, but you can't choose it for your cart yet) :D

      I wonder what will come next with Pipos :)
    2. I like all the new cats but bits on each one. Like I like the old heads eyes, the smaller mouth. I wish I could combine features.
      So far, I really don't like any of the faceups at all. The black one looks like he's been eating flour or something..the smaller mouth one is too pink and soft for me..lol oh well! Least the face ups are something I can redo myself xD
      prob still gonna place my order tonight, and it's prob gonna be the new open eye small mouth one. Since it is pretty cute. xD
    3. I really like the new small-mouth kitties. I can see how they could look sad, but I get more of a "gentle and sweet" impression from them, especially the white one. (Maybe it's because I'm used to Curo's eye shape?) I agree that a version with less downturned eyes would be very cool, though.

      The tails are great! I just wish they had been magnetic instead of jointed; I would want my cat's tail to be visible, but I wouldn't want to make holes in perfectly good clothes. I hope Pipos will make clothes to accomodate the tails.

      *wishing for a black Curo* :aheartbea
    4. I like the new cat sculpt, even though they do look a bit mournful. I think the faceups are a bit odd, especially for Nero, but sleeping black Baha is too cute!
    5. I am not that fond of the face-ups either. They look a bit.. ehmm like they are done in a quick way, and without the right use of colours. Like they just quickly airbrushed parts, spray and be done with it, without looking at the actual shapes and features of hand and face.
      But it might also just be my taste of course.

      I suspect them to come up with more cat and rabbit faces.
      Hmm what about critters like mice? <3
    6. Thank goodness I can live without any of the new kitties. I have a Basic Baha and love him. The new ones just don't speak to me and I don't have to have one of them....save my dolly dollars for something else.

      Cat In MI
    7. I saw and ordered the Limited Christmas Special Heero. I could not resist..love the faceup.. clothes..
      Merry Christmas to me .. whohooo
    8. think I'm gonna order the open eye small mouth in white and have a look at what a different face up can do.

      The face ups prob were a bit rushed to meet the deadline of them being released today? They def could do better imo
    9. I love the Hero fullset... not enough money to get him though ;.;
    10. I hope a black Curo is in the works, but what I would really love to see are completely new animals. I would be most interested in seeing Pipos's take on a pig (with bitty curly tail) and a goat with little horns and 'goatee'.

      Anyone else have a favorite animal they think Pipos could do well?
    11. They should do a puppy! :3 I think they would do a wonderful job with one. A puppy with the regular kind of ears, not the pointy ones or the long ones that drop to the floor and a small tail!!! Bwahahahaa! I would love that XD

      Though their cats and rabbit are already giving a hard time deciding what I want, a dog would kill me in my decision making D: !!! I can't afford all of them.
    12. Rabbits are my favorite animals ever (except for ducks, but I don't think they'd look very good in doll form :sweat ), so Curo is basically the best I could hope for. I agree that a mouse would be very cute, though. I would love a squirrel doll, too, but that tail would be hard to manage. And yes, seeing a Pipos version of a pig would be great! :aheartbea

      Several people have said they didn't like the faceups very much. I think the white spot around Nero's mouth is kind of odd-looking- it doesn't seem natural, and while a cat could have a marking like that, I think it could have looked a little better. I still like the fact that Pipos has released a black cat, though! I'm looking forward to seeing people's pictures. :D
    13. A goat would be wonderful! I want an elephant. I don't know if Pipos would do a good job on one, but I'd like one, and whichever company makes one will get my money.

      I think they'd probably do well at a squirrel, and definitely puppies.
    14. I would go for a Lamb ! ^^
    15. I agree on the lamb!!! haha.
      One with curls of hair on the head XD
    16. It seems they changed the face right when Luts came out with their Zuzus. Its like the market was clamoring for better mouths, so they simply followed the band wagon.
      I personally like the older faces best, but see some potential for the newer faces, given the right face-up. The black baha is strange too, not bad, but not my favorite.
    17. i love heero. baha never did much for me but the small mouth and sweet eyes are just lovely!

      i hope they do make a baby baha and curo. i would be there SO fast on a baby curo with floppy ears!
    18. :love i wish pipos in there baha clothes made a christmas out fit to buy
    19. I love the new Black Heero, he is the only one I was unable to resist, I am putting one on order at Dolls and Friends, that way it will get to me on time for my Mom's birthday in February.
    20. i have to say, i fell in love with the limited black nero and ordered myself one the other day. His little mournful expression was too cute, and i love the idea of the white makeup on the black resin. i'm not too sure about the basic neros though, as that pink makeup doesnt show up much, and the black resin drowns it out. i love the limited heero as well, as the face is adorable but the nero won out for me as it was more unusual. i agree with some that say they should release baby bahas, that would be great! and a puppy doll- although it woule have to be a cocker spaniel- floppy ears all the way :D