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Pipos Doll Special Lottery Event

Apr 9, 2007

    1. [​IMG]
      Piposdoll released new cat doll Siamese Baha.
      Limited 30 dolls.

      To celebrate this event, Piposdoll is pleased to announce a prize drawing

      Prize is one free Siamese Baha doll.
      Includes: Doll with special makeup, doll coated in urethane coating to
      prevent discoloration and increase durability of doll.

      Requirements for the lottery prize:
      - Current Baha owners ONLY*
      - Submit the Baha certificate number/s when purchased/received**
      See for details on how to submit: Lottery Information

      Submit your chance to win the lottery here: http://piposdoll.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=key

      Application acceptance timeline: April 08 -30, 2007

      *For previous Baha owners with the certificate number that comes with the doll.

      **The drawing will be randomly selected by certificate number received.

      ***Prize winner will be announced on May 01, 2007 at piposdoll.com

      Siamese Baha will be shipped after May 15, 2007 to the winner.
    2. My Baha is on layaway so does that mean I couldn't enter? I'm not sure the dealer has gotten them yet. Also the link goes to a non-English website. Help, because I'd love to enter the contest.

      Additional info:

      My dealer does have the numbers and sent me mine. I also found out that the website is a mixed language website. So when I opened the link and saw just Korean (I believe that's where Pippos is) and my browser asked me if I wanted to load a language package I just assumed that the site was non-English. It's the first BJD company website I have seen like this as I purchase mostly my dolls from a USA dealer. The dealer is the one who communicates with the company.

      My dealer is going to enter the contest for me as I couldn't even figure out how to register so I could write on the Q&A board. My dealer has a translator who communicates with the company for her.
    3. :D I will participate it!!!
      I don't believe that I won :P I'm jinx

      mmmm I don't understand what i must to draw, and where I must to send it.
      I before must to send my certificate?
      The lottery is for a only one siamese baha?
    4. where do you go to buy these?
    5. Do you have a certificate number? It seems that you can only enter if you have that. I would email them and ask, though, since you are about to be an owner.
    6. Does anyone know how to register? Do you have to join Pipos?
    7. Does anyone know who won?
    8. Congrats to the winner! I wish I had gotten mine in time to participate..

      I think they mean they will have more events in the future :O
    9. Woah!!! Gongrats to the winner!!!!! :D
    10. that pic of the siamese kitty holding his new owners name is the cutest thing in the world! *heart*

      congrats, winner