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[PIPOS] dreaming BAHA launch event

Nov 7, 2007

    1. [​IMG]
      PIPOSDOLL Dreaming BAHA Event Information

      Cat doll Baha's sleeping face Dreaming Haba has launched!
      Please register your certificate number at pipos community!!

      For the piposdolls owners, we will randomly draw a serial number in certificate which you have got from piposdoll. To the winner we present 3 dreaming baha head(no faceup).
      (***Only who registered product certificate at http://www.piposdoll.com)

      • Event target : Pipos owners (Has product certificate, including Korean, international)
      • Lot date & Winner announcement : 30th November (will be noticed on Homepage, Club)
      • Winner prize : ‘Dreaming Baha head’ 3pcs (no faceup)
      • Delivery : If the winner lives abroad, the delivery cost will be charged to the recipient.

      Certificate event will be progressed when every new piposdoll launch.
      After registered your certificate number, can join every single events automatically from that time.

      Dreaming baha will meet three of you, Soon :D
      Thank you very much !!

      [ go PIPOS community ]

      [ go PIPOS web-mall ]
    2. I can't understand where we have to register the certificate. On board?
    3. under "ACADEMY" where it says "CERTIFICATES" ;)
    4. If we registered our certificate in the past, do we have to do it again, or are we automatically registered for the new drawing?
    5. Don't have to do it again.
      Automatically registered ^-^
      Thank you !