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[PIPOS] Dreaming Curo Bee&Honey ~*

Mar 17, 2008

    1. Hello ^-^ We've just updated new version of Curo !
      Would you like to meet them? Let's go~:clover



      And we have some new angel clothes >3<
      Thank you :aheartbea
      (releasing on 19th of March)

      [ Go to the Pipos ]
    2. The bunny girls are sooooooooooo cute! :D
      I wonder will the hunter (or maybe the ear part) and the beast for sale?

    3. Are Bee and Honey the same headmold?
    4. i love the beast- you should make him for sale. also are the shoes on the bunnies for sale?
    5. Is it possible to make more sets of clothes in the future? they always sell out much too fast!!
    6. Hello ^^ Hunter ear parts and Beast are just probs of this story(custom). We haven't thought for selling them. Thank you !

      Hello ! Yes, they have same mold but different make-up style and clothes. Thank you !

      Hello ! haha ^^ Thank you for your comment. But actually he's a Baha. (just custom) And shoes.. We found one in the market and keep trying to find more. After we buy more, we'll going to sell it. But not sure &#12641;&#12636; (hard to find the stock). Thank you !
    7. Hello ^^ they're not sold out yet >3< We're going to sell it on 19th of March. Don't worry. Thank you !
    8. Will dreaming Curo exist in basic version in the future ?
    9. Hello ^-^ Yes, we're planning to release basic version, too. Thank you !
    10. All the new items are going to release on 19th of March(PM12:00). Thank you !
    11. oooh, the new items are available now! :)
    12. Do you think you might sell the ears on the hunter sometime in the future? Love the droopy ears!