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Update [PIPOS] Ear and Tail parts for every Ball jointed doll, Blythe

Oct 3, 2008

    1. Hello^-^ Everyone!
      We've just updated the ear and tail parts for every BJD.
      This is also for the Blythe dolls!
      Please come and see what we've done.



      Thank you very much!

    2. what molds are your dolls on the photos?
    3. Hello^-^ They are pipos original mold which is still making. The mini size doll head is Budle that we released few years ago.
      Thank you very much!
    4. These are great and cute Pipos, love them~

      Question: How are the tails attached with magnets? Do you have to have them magnet through clothes (cant wear while naked?) or do you have to attach magnet inside the doll?

      Also, what size are the tiny doll in the photo? 15cm?

    5. Hello^-^ Yes, it's attached with magnets like ear parts.

      The tiny dolls scale is 25cm.
      Thank you very much!
    6. Thank you Pipos I meant tail not ear though, I will ask on Q&A to not take up more space.
    7. Hello^-^ Oh, yes, attaching method is same as the ear parts. It doesn't matter that doll wears clothes or not.
      Thank you!
    8. Will you be releasing Buddle again? I missed out on her. I love both the ears and tail and hope they are not limited.
    9. Hello^-^ Do not worry about that. Real option parts are not limited. And we're still working on some of our doll's renewal. Thank you!
    10. I suppose the mini doll is about 40 cm tall?
    11. Yes, normal MSD is around 43cm. Thanks!