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[PIPOS] Fennec FOX is released !!

Dec 26, 2007

    1. :aheartbea
      Hello ^-^

      Here comes new pet doll, fennec Fox.
      released on "PM 11:00 18th Jan. in Korean time" and updated more details, also.

      Thanks !! :aheartbea

      = Basic version =

      = Limited version =

      [ Go to the PIPOS ]​

      Happy new year !! :fangirl:
    2. I can't wait to see! This is just in time to go with The Little Prince doll ♥

      May I ask how the tail will be attached? By string or by magnet?
    3. Hello ^^ it's connected by tension like other parts. Thanks !
    4. what do you mean by tension? a magnet or a string? tension doesn't explain it can the tail be put on after the pants? (magnet) or is it permanently attached with elastic? thank you.
    5. If it's attached like the Curo ears, it's got a loop of elastic attached to a hook on the inside. Presumably, you could remove the tail, put on pants, and then reattach the tail to the body interior -- or the fox could wear pants with an open back and a snap above the tail.

      "By tension", in context, seems to mean "attached with an elastic/stringing loop."

      -- A :)
    6. will Bao have a face plate like Baha? And would you be able to put a Bao Fox Head on Baha's body?
    7. Hello ^^ we're not decided selling only face plate yet. And Body part is like Curo and Baha's, they're slightly different(not perfactly fit well). Thanks.
    8. Hello ^^ another news : we're going to update dreaming Curo as well. (after fox) Thanks !
    9. when will the fox be released? do you have a date set?
    10. Hello^^ he'll be shown up in mid-Jan. Thanks !!
    11. so cute!! it's only listed as Limited Bao... will there be a standard version available?
    12. Yes ^-^ we're gong to release basic one, also. Thanks.
    13. Does he come with clothes?

      How tall is he?

      And what price range will he be in?
    14. Hello^^ The price is still considering. Tail is attached by tension cord(means, ball-jointed). Limited version includes clothes and basic version isn't like other basic version. Thank you !
    15. So cute! Will the fox ever come in different colours?
    16. Hello ^^ We haven't decided making plan for other skin color yet. Thank you for your interest ^^
    17. when will these cuties be for sale? i am hoping i can afford one!
    18. Sorry for late reply. Fennec fox will be released in this week ^_^ Thanks :aheartbea