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Pipos "Gift Edition" Baha and Ringo

Nov 5, 2010

    1. Pipos will soon release a new sleepy eye version of Baha and Ringo...I wonder what the gift part is...


      Waiting room is here
    2. Aww, they're so cute! x3 I'm safe though, I already have an adorable Baha and I'm not interested in the others!
    3. Ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu I might need that Ringo. >< No need or desire for the Baha as I do not like the new Pi body but omg, that sleepy Ringo is just almost too much.
    4. I don't see it on their site, are they posted yet?
    5. No I don't think they are released yet.

      I noticed their eyes look more sleepy looking than regular Baha and Ringo too :)
    6. I can't wait for them to go up for sale ; w; I'm swept by all of them, it's so hard to chose knowing I can't have the whole set :< I'm also wondering if they'll be releasing other Pi and Junior Pi like this, dreamy eyed.
    7. I just completed my last layaway with pipos... I think I see a little Ringo or sweet face baha in my future... I am wondering what they mean by gift though... get a Baha get a Ringo as a gift? wow that would be too cool... and probably not very doable for them
    8. They have such sweet faces~
      (safe) I'm a bunny person! ^___^
    9. I love that little boy, but I swore I wouldn't get any more anthros....
    10. It's all gonna depend on their available skintones if I get it. I don't want more than one of each pipos colour and I already have white, pink, grey, green, and beige...

    11. I think they just wanted to give this kind of release a special name, instead of calling it a basic or a limited they probably wanted them called 'gifts' ^^; It'd be neat, though, if there was a freebie of some sort.
    12. yes Jirashi.. it would make it more interesting but I doubt they would be this generous but hey one can dream :)
      they look so cute
    13. LOL this sounds like me! If I can't have the whole set, how do I decide :) I am a terrible decision maker!

      I can't wait until they are up on the Pipos website and we can see more pics.
    14. Me too!! Waiting for Dark cheshire to arrive :D
    15. Oh. Little Ringo is so adorable!
    16. YAY Dark Cheshire power :) yeah i don't expect them to ship before the end of November I just hope it doesn't get caught in the Christmas shipping backlash.

      i bet they announce more of the event when they are close to finishing the Alice in Nightmare shipping...probably early December.
    17. Hopefully it will be sooner, their sign says this November :)
    18. HOSHI....

      Seriously I think I need that little blue Ringo. My heart has melted. I have a hard time with limiteds though; I love to play with my dolls but getting a special face up makes them pretty much 'hands off' for me...but that sweet little face is too much!
    19. Oh the lovely Pipos person updated the news thread, they are going to be released mid to late November!! Oooooooh maybe I could ask Santa for one of these for Christmas ;)
    20. Does it say if the Ringos have jointed torsos? I know 2009's jrs had that and if these do, I'm sold because those are such cute sleepy faces. cx