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Pipos Group order offer for Basics

Mar 22, 2012

    1. Hi all. I didn't find a news thread concerning Pipos group order offer for basics, so thought I should start one. Promotion ends March 31st.

      From Pipos:

      Dear our guest and friends!

      We add a order process at our cutomers request.

      < Group order >

      You can purchase the other color skin doll which are not selling.
      You can order below dolls through group order system if you order more than 3 dolls for each type.
      ex: 3 of beige Rooney - possible (O)
      2 of beige cheshire + 1 of beige rooney - wrong (X)

      1) type : 2012 Jr.PI / PI basic edition which is selling now

      2) colour : white, mint, beige, grey

      3) layaway payment : max. 2 monthes

      4) make-up : same as basic edition

      -Please send the e-mail to pipi7814@hotmail.com with below form.
      You can't use the group-order via Q&A board and it will be automatically deleted.
      After we get your order, we'll send the paypal invoice to you.

      - Please write the doll type on your e-mail subject -
      ex) Beige Rooney Group order


      -Contact number:

      -Address (with zip code)


      -Paypal account:

      -doll type:

      Thank you very much!