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[PIPOS] Here comes "Dreaming Baha"

Oct 25, 2007

    1. Hello:)

      Dreaming Baha is waiting for you.
      From 27th Oct. you can meet another white little kitty.

      Good night !

      [ go PIPOS DOLL ]

      Thank you very much !

      We've just updated 2 version of full set^-^
    2. Oh this is so cute!
      Will you be able to just buy the flaceplate or do you have to buy the whole doll?
    3. We're going to sell both version ^-^
      Faceplate(dreaming baha head)version and fullset version ~!!
      Thank you ^^

    4. Wooooo~~

      So lovely kitty~~

      Can the dreaming baha head fit Curo's body?
      Will you going to sell outfits for Curo?
    5. Sure you can ^-^ (fit well with curo's body)
      And we're not sure about curo's own outfits.
      Thank you~!!
    6. Will the dreaming Baha be a regular or limited edition? Thank you! ^^
    7. Limited edition for full set ^-^ plus,
      Regular edition for full set and faceplate.
      Thank you !!
    8. Is there a possibility that Dreaming Baha will be made in pink?
    9. Will there be a dreaming Curo, too?
    10. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. But I just want to make sure. You can buy the body and sleeping faceplate together, right?

      Do you need to purchase the open-eyed faceplate to get the sleeping faceplate and body?

      Meaning will the sleeping face-plate and body be sold seperately from the open-eyed version?
    11. Sorry for making you confused.
      You can buy special full set dreaming baha (included Body+Head(special faceup)+Clothes etc.).
      And we have another choice.
      Only head plate (maybe no faceup)
      And general full set dreaming baha(included Body+Head(general faceup)+clothes etc.).

      So we have 3 choice for this dreaming Baha.
      And we're not sure about pink vertion or Curo;
      Thank you^^
    12. What time is available on the web?

      excuse my english...
    13. We've just updated ^-^/ come and see !!
    14. So cute!!

      Question: if you buy the head only and get a faceup with it, which faceup do you get? (Special or Limited? Or can you choose?)

      Thanks!! :aheartbea
    15. So do I understand this correctly it seems like your paying 100.00 for the softer makeup with the painted lashes ? I don't like the applied lashes on the basic version.
      **** This limitied one's makeup is by a different artist ?

      Both have outfits that look about the same price value.
    16. Limited one's makeup is by artist Docshul ^^
      And general one is makeup by piposdoll.
      So, Limited edtion is never sold again after 30pcs.
      That's the difference.

      Thank you ^-^
    17. For the dreaming baha faceplate only, it shows a picture of a baha with the limited faceup. So if someone were to order just the faceplate + makeup, would it be the limited makeup like in the picture, or the special dreaming baha makeup? Just want to clarify.
    18. If you order faceplate + makeup, you'll get special dreaming baha's, not limited one. ^-^
      (And makeup is slightly different from special one. Wine colored ears makeup is only for special full set version.)
      Sorry for making you confused. We write this information, now ^-^

      Thank you.
    19. Will there be a basic (no clothes included) version?